View Full Version : Magic Act:Disapearing Town

5th April 2013, 17:23
Hey gys, yesterday I founed BudderTalonia. When I logged on today it was gone. There was no message saying I had entered it, and I am no longer Chief Talon6758. RJ and Ryan were helping me by killing each other, and Ryan was knocking me off cliffs. So they were not exactly helping. But I had built an archway that half of got destroyed, I did some poking around with the co-inspect tool and all I could find for it was: Block of Pillared Quartz Placed by talon6758. Even though there was no quartz there. When I tried to see who removed it, there was no block data.:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

8th April 2013, 14:54
Talon, Roadie suggested that your town was probably rolled back to wilderness because you didn't have enough money in the town bank for your town upkeep.