View Full Version : [4S] Sad Sad Sob Story

1st May 2013, 14:05
Ownedskilla and Skydiver have griefed me! Here are some pics !

Ownedskilla griefed my mob grinder. Skydiver griefed my oasis. Please reply as quik as possible admins! ;)


1st May 2013, 18:40
Please don't put this in the whitelist application thread. That thread is just for whitelist applications as you may have guessed ;)

It didn't look like it was malice. But boya could have placed his chest a little more out of the way though :p

The damage has been fixed.

3rd May 2013, 11:13
Hi, Ava, I'm sorry to hear this. I send you a PM to put things a little bit more in context.