View Full Version : May I be A Moderator?

2nd May 2013, 03:28
Hey guys its Caden or Dothecreeper12. I've been playing on Towny for about a year and a half and have been on the forums for a little over a year. I love all the people that play on it and i like to enforce the rules, so playing experience is more fun. So to the topic of this article i was wondering if i could be made a mod. I know it is a lot to ask for, and its cool if i don't get it but i thought it would be worth a shot. If i get it ill be on as much as i can and i will or would not abuse my powers.

-Sincerely Caden (Dothecreeper12)

2nd May 2013, 09:02
If you get MOD your mod on all the over servers. You get picked for mod, just thought id tell you:-)

2nd May 2013, 10:19
Hi Caden :)

We know you've been with us for quite a while and we like having you around. As you may know we choose who we want to have as mod/admin ourselves. Asking for promotions in general isn't appreciated.

The best way to be in a position to get on the short list for the next mod is by being an awesome player on all of our servers. We only want mods we really like. That are helpful and contribute to the community and it's members in a positive way.

That being said, I hope this isn't too disappointing. Stick around, you never know what'll happen next :)

3rd May 2013, 06:06
Oh well it is quite disappointing but i guess i shouldn't be too shocked. Thanks for your help J. Also if you have the power to do you think anyone could unban my friend romanduarte99 he got banned for griefing and he regrets it horribly thanks.

Sincerely Caden

3rd May 2013, 10:54
If I recall correctly he was banned before we switched to Minebans. That is a long time ago.

I'm in a good mood today, so I'll tell you what. You get him to apologize on the forum for what he did in a polite and intelligent way and I'll unban him. Remember, he has to make it a good one or the deal's off.

5th May 2013, 21:56
Hello J. I apologize for what i did because it was very wrong, i feel bad, and i miss Towny i had no logical reason to be griefing except for the fact that i thought it was fun when it ruins other peoples game play.

My deepest apologies- romanduarte99