View Full Version : Log-In Glitch in the Snapshot Server

5th May 2013, 18:14
So I was playing in the snapshot server. Plenty of bugs and stuff because it's new, when I take a horse out for a spin. I start coming back when I am kicked from the game saying "internal server error". These types of bugs or lag issues and expected with the snapshot but when I try to log back in, it says the same message, "internal server error". I tryed to login many more times but the same things happened. The next day I tried to log on and the same thing happened. I then made this post. Also note that when I logged in I would be on the horse but the server kicked me. And I got the same message. I hope there is a way to fix this, I really like to play the snapshot with other people.

5th May 2013, 18:29
I've updated the server to 13w18c. That's the 3rd update this week, let's hope it's a little more stable :)