View Full Version : Ban these two griefers electarsc echo_13

12th May 2013, 03:38
I would like to ban electarsc and Echo_13, they griefed my house. And my friends. Even after that
he killed me.:(:mad:
294 Please stop this. I will never be the same.

12th May 2013, 10:59
Which server was this on, and what are the coordinates of your house?

12th May 2013, 12:08
That looks like the snapshot server. It's pretty much the wild west out there. That does not excuse the griefers of course.

I suggest you come play on our Towny server, it's much safer there. You can protect your buildings if you get a plot in a town, or even start your own town.

IP: towny.happydiggers.net:25577