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30th May 2013, 18:39
Welcome to a new world where adventure awaits you!


HappyDiggers RPG modpack is meant to bring you the fun and enjoyment you find in the vanilla minecraft but also enhance the RPG side of it. That's how this modpack was born and brought to you by the HappyDiggers community.

The modpack adds new blocks, a large amount of weapons and new land to explore, content that every minecrafter should enjoy playing with, and also a great way to make quests using NPC's.

The modpack is still in development and it will receive some major/minor changes between versions so don't forget to check out the change-log from time to time!

Join us on our official HappyDiggers RPG server!

Check out all those awesome mod authors! (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AufArzL2yiGLdEpibDBxaDRKSmhHcllsU2JISFFhT Xc#gid=0)
Permissions (https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-fArzL2yiGLSFM1cTZxSGRXaFk&usp=sharing)


Aether 2
Animal Bikes
Ars Magica
Better Bows
Better Breeding
Better Dungeons
Better Storage
Biomes O' Plenty
Chickenbones Mods
Colorful Armor
Dimensional Doors
Dungeon Mobs
Dynamic Lights
Enhanced Portals 2
Infernal Mobs
Inventory Tweaks
Hit Splat Damage Indicators
Inventory Tweaks
Jammy Furniture Mod
Koi Mod
Minegicka 2
More Player Models
PAM's WEEEE Flowers
Pet Bat
Project Zulu
Runic Dust Mod
RPG Inventory
Tinkers Construct
The Camping Mod
Thirst Mod
TwitchTV IRC
Zan's Minimap(VoxelMinimap)

This modpack is being distributed trough the FTB Launcher.

Download the FTB Launcher here: http://feed-the-beast.com
Start the launcher and click "Private Packs"
Use the following code: HappyDiggers
The HappyDiggers RPG pack should then become available on the left.

See screenshot below:



-added Ars Magica
-added Better Dungeons
-added Better Storage
-updated Custom NPCs to version of 2013-08-24
-added Minegicka 2
-added Tinkers Construct
-added The Camping mod
-added Runic Dust mod
-removed The Ultimate Nether

-Added the Aether 2 mod
-Added Better Breeding mod
-Added Dimensional Doors mod
-Added Minepainter mod
-Added ProjectZulu mod
-Added the Thirst Mod
-Added Aquaculture mod
-Added Natura mod
-Updated Colorful Armor to 1.4
-Got a working Server for 1.2.3

-minor fixes

-updated Custom Npc's to latest version
-added MAtmos R24
-removed The Eternal Frost Mod till new update (due to server crashes)

-removed minions
-added infernal mobs
-added RPG Inventory 1.5.2 v1.0
-added The Eternal Frost Mod v1.6b2
-added Ultimate Nether 1.8.2
-updated DynamicLights to 1.2.1
-updated Damage Indicators to v2.7.0.1
-updated Dungeon Mobs to v2.6.0
-resolved BlockID conflicts

-Changed default config. Resolved keybinding conflicts.

-Updated mods to latest versions
-Made a few tweaks on some mods

-Moved "Better Bows 1.4 for 1.5.2.zip" to instMods folder.
-Replaced "zanMap152b.zip" with "ZansMinimap1.5.2.zip" which is the forge/modloader version.

-Initial release.


Marius49 ---- Modpack Creator
InsaneJ ---- DevTeam
Black_Steel ---- DevTeam
HappyDiggers Community --- For their support


Check out our website: HappyDiggers (http://happydiggers.net)

14th August 2013, 14:48
The 1.2.3 update has been submitted and will come up the launcher in a few days hopefully.
Here is what the new update will offer:

-Added the Aether 2 mod
-Added Better Breeding mod
-Added Dimensional Doors mod
-Added Minepainter mod
-Added ProjectZulu mod
-Added the Thirst Mod
-Added Aquaculture mod
-Added Natura mod
-Updated Colorful Armor to 1.4
-Got a working Server for 1.2.3

The official server will also come on these days for people to play and test all kind of stuff before it will go up the launcher.
You might also think why did the mod pack go directly to 1.2.3. That's because the other versions were still in the work, and each added more great mods; so the last update was 1.2.3 and merged all the work into this change-log.
If you guys have any more suggestions about what mods we should add in the next version don't forget to leave a small comment and link to the mod! :D

Also if you noticed I made the OP more enjoyable and clean! ;)

14th August 2013, 15:53
Good work :)

I'll try to setup the public HappyDiggers RPG server this week.

17th August 2013, 23:31
The pack just broke a new record on FTB: The largest pack in size!

Another achievement to hang on the wall. ;)

13th September 2013, 19:48
Version 1.3.0 has been submitted. In this version we have removed the Ultimate Nether mod to solve some conflicts between mods but we might re-add it when the pack will be updated for 1.6.2. This update also brings some more magic if you know what I mean ;)

New stuff added in 1.3.0:

-added Ars Magica
-added Better Dungeons
-added Better Storage
-updated Custom NPCs to version of 2013-08-24
-added Minegicka 2
-added Tinkers Construct
-added The Camping mod
-added Runic Dust mod
-removed The Ultimate Nether

15th September 2013, 18:41
Ok, so It works, for me, but, whats the IP?

15th September 2013, 19:11
I got onto the AMP server (too laggy, I crashed) and I could get onto the RPG but I dont know the IP, thanks for the help

21st September 2013, 18:00
Join us on our official HappyDiggers RPG server!

25th September 2013, 08:13
Noted a couple of bugs on singleplayer/lan. One was that when I was killed by a Cocktrice in the Aether, I seen my body get turned to stone but a grave didnt drop, this caused me to lose all the things I was carrying.

Also, some of the shields and accessories cannot be equipped (like a player-crafted diamond shield, or things made with the mold forge), whereas others (typically the ones from the Aether) can.

Have also noticed some accessories unequipping themselves periodically or just plain having strange behavior. The rings for one, as well as the regeneration stone.

On the server, was killed twice by an invisible hell hound. Once it even made it out of the nether portal and into the cave system that exits the nether. I tried firing at its expected directions as well as trapping it (hiding behind corner and just swinging at the air) to no avail the thing owned me. Didn't even show up on entity radar. The third time I heard its growling, I just ran out of the nether.

25th September 2013, 12:32
Thanks for taking the time to report this.

Some issues are already known and have been fixed in Minecraft 1.6.2 versions of the various mods. Unfortunately we're stuck waiting for the FTB launcher to update so it supports Minecraft 1.6.2.

We'll add the issues you mentioned to our 'list' of things that need fixing. Maybe there's something we can do about them without having to update to 1.6.2.

The last issue seems like a client side.... mystery. The other day I was playing with Dom on the RPG server, and I was completely invisible to him and I didn't appear on the mini-map as well. A little bit later it was the other way around. Then even later after that everything was fine again. We're not sure exactly why this is happening.

28th September 2013, 01:11
I think the Aether dimension is messed up on the RPG server. Typically it is supposed to spawn Zephyrs which are flying creatures that blow you around but i'm seeing instead 'Pet Spider Lv.0' which do the Zephyr attack of blowing you around. I wonder if the issues with the Aether are fully or in part due to incorrect monsters spawning. Would resetting the Aether dimension fix that problem?

28th September 2013, 13:03
It wouldn't surprise me at all if there's a problem with the Aether ;)

The current version we're running is pretty unstable. Hopefully the issues will be fixed in a new release.

29th September 2013, 19:56
For the new version, i'd like to suggest that the Asgard Shield (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1432828-asgard-shield-sword-n-board-action-added-knockback-enchant-support-v204-upd-may-26/page__mode__show) mod be added. It fits with the theme and would allow a party member to fulfill a tanking role (especially with a wide bladed sword)

30th September 2013, 19:59
I would consider adding it, but it looks like the mod author has been inactive for about 3 months now. That is never a good sign, especially since he hasn't updated to 1.6.x yet.

I'm not sure if I'm going to keep a separate 1.5 and 1.6 version of RPG or that I want to keep both versions as similar as possible. If I knew for sure that the FTB launcher would update "soon" then I'd just move on to 1.6. But since the promise of "soon" was made weeks ago, I doubt it'll actually be here soon.

3rd October 2013, 22:47
After talking we have come to a new mod list of what is going to be removed and what is going to say




*aether 2


arcane scrolls

*animal bikes

ars magica

balcon weapons mod

custom npc


harvest craft


better bows

beer mod

*more player models

better breeding

Erebus mod

*player api

better dungeons

*runic dust mod

better storage

*twitchtv irc


*thirst mod

biomes 0' plenty

*smart movment

chickenbones mods


dungeon mobs

enhanced portals 2


infernal mobs

inventory tweaks

jammy furniture mod

koi mod


minegicka 2



not enough item(NEI)

PAM'S WEEE flowers

pet bats

project zulu


rpg inventory

tinkers construct

the camping mod

zan's minimap(voxal minimap)




are ratings

looking in to

looking for


Thirst Mod that dos not use player api

adds a few blocks to make the game cooler

better building

something that is buildcraft but fits are theme of the server


just looking for dumd things to make the game a little more fun

better wood


extanded workbench

for thos there shops

Shelf 1.6.2


this would work will with shops


a big mod for bigger thoughts


better building http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1820703-162152modloaderssplan-bettercraft-building-a-better-minecraft-v25/ craftory http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/655155-162152forgesmpcomicretrolutions-craftory-mods-farming-and-much-more-fishcraftory-beta-available-updated-aug-18th/ ruins http://www.atomicstryker.net/ruins.html better wood http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1865771-162161152-universal-forge-wip-better-wood-mod-v1050-2500-dl/ cartographer http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1742706-164147-sspsmp-cartographer-16-place-big-maps-on-walls-using-item-frames-forgemodloader-compatible/ extended workbench http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1153989-164extended-workbench-v11103/ shelfs http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/75440-v162-risugamis-mods-updated/ algaecraft http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1604011-152-162-forge-algaecraft-mod-sponges-seafood-coral-and-more-1000-downloads/alchemy++http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1909298-162152forge-alchemy-get-drunk-in-the-lab/

if you would like to see something in the mod pack please leave

the name of the mod

a url to the forum or mod webpage

a url to the wiki if there is one

if you can please tell use why we should have it

4th October 2013, 03:00
Please dont get rid of smart moving unless it causes stability problems. It takes some getting used to, but the climb, boost jump and crawl abilities are useful once you get used to the controls for them. I've used [ctrl] to do ledge grabs on jumps that I could not normally make (like long gaps or high hills) and have broken into mage towers and houses by crawling through gaps in the walls.

Also you mentioned removing playerAPI. Some mods depend on player API and removing it will prevent some mods from being added to the pack. What's wrong with player API?

4th October 2013, 03:12
I've played millenaire before. TBH its a bit of a grindy mod and most of what the player will be doing in the mod is gathering resources on behalf of villagers in order to grow the village. I find it to be really boring, personally, but I guess I can see that some people will really like to attach themselves to a village and RP it and take pride in having a fully developed village with all the services (many hands make light work). Could work but it's a huge mod and there could very well be a lot of mod conflicts.

4th October 2013, 12:23
The reason to remove PlayerAPI is that it overwrites Forge base classes on which other mods depend. Basically it's not hooking into forge like normal mods do. This can cause severe stability issues and that is exactly what we're trying to avoid this time around.

We can try to keep it in, but I'll make no promises.

4th October 2013, 22:51
if at this point in the rpg server you have animal bike and the server crashes you will fall thro the world end-less-ly kill your self using the command and it will save you it is a bug. once agen the aether has flying cows the shot the crap out of use and spider what the hay

6th October 2013, 05:03
Craftory looks like a simplified Pam's Harvestcraft but with much improved fishing. That's great actually, the fishing system needs to be improved and Pam's harvestcraft has far too many food types and is actually very grindy. I don't think it would be fun in an RPG pack to spend all day farming (thats the reason I quit playing Magic Farm), though it would be nice for some people to take up farming and selling food to adventurers as a part-time gig. They could very well do that with Craftory.

Additionally, it might be nice if there were some kind of mead or ale that one can drink to be granted some temporary buffs.

8th October 2013, 01:07
Just stumbled upon another interesting mod: MineFantasy (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1238049-)


There is a small point of concern for MineFantasy though. The mod author sais he wants to skip 1.6 and move directly to 1.7 because currently his mod isn't stable enough to warrant the migration to 1.6.

Also I like the idea of Back Tools which shows the last used tool of a player on his back.

8th October 2013, 18:13
Looks like a great mod. It would be awesome to add, if it runs well:)

8th October 2013, 18:41
I've played MineFantasy (as part of the Magic Farm modpack, then they dropped MF and switched to TConstruct for tool making) MineFantasy basically increases the difficulty level of making tools, even moreso than TConstruct, it slows down progression to iron by requiring you to mine copper and tin to make bronze alloys in order to be able to mine iron -- it also adds an intermediate stage of 'steel' which requires multiple pieces of coal in order to be able to make a single steel ingot. Mainly it will be good if you want to slow down tech progression by a good amount, but will require you to grind a lot of coal. That said, the forging mechanics are kind of cool

I would personally find out why MineFantasy was dropped out of the Magic Farm FTB pack before implementing it, as well as seeing how good its multiplayer compatibility is.

9th October 2013, 23:02
mod list update only problem I could see with the is the dragons braking blocks hmm greafing dragons

9th October 2013, 23:13
Craftory looks like a simplified Pam's Harvestcraft but with much improved fishing. That's great actually, the fishing system needs to be improved and Pam's harvestcraft has far too many food types and is actually very grindy. I don't think it would be fun in an RPG pack to spend all day farming (thats the reason I quit playing Magic Farm), though it would be nice for some people to take up farming and selling food to adventurers as a part-time gig. They could very well do that with Craftory.

Additionally, it might be nice if there were some kind of mead or ale that one can drink to be granted some temporary buffs. this is just to give people more things to do then reach end game as fast as they can set up a small shop and let them run with there shop

14th October 2013, 02:40
I know that Pernix_8D's welcome back thread says that he will be taking over the modpack, but if he's not up for working on it very actively then cc would like to take over on it -- he has a vested interest in making this one of the first public modpacks that puts an emphasis on magic as well as having a reasonably high level of difficulty (encouraging party formation and real RPG-like gameplay mechanics like tanks, mages, healers, etc).

Things I think would be good to have on the server are:
- A method to party up, avoiding friendly fire on party members for example.
- A way for parties to properly split and share loot, or maybe even a chest log (<playername> withdrew <item> from <receptacle> for party members (or nearby people?))
- Some kind of trading receptacle, allowing two players to put items in, and the trade to commence only if both players have clicked a confirm button. Kind of how trading worked in Guild Wars 1.

For the server: I don't think it would be a good idea to start players off in an undeveloped city with no facilities, since players will tend to want to form and join towns later on anyways. In that case I would also be willing to build a starting town with some basic to moderate facilities for players to use in order to give them time to properly select what towns they want to be in (no TC smelteries though, since those are not protected by towny). Maybe for the starting town, plots can be opened to players via towny (or a hotel established), and players who do not log in for x amount of days will have ownership of their plot removed. The central city will be a starting place only and portals to the northlands (e.g. 3000 blocks north), eastlands, westlands, and southlands can be established, allowing faster transport to and from these regions and for village clusters to form, and maybe also nations. E.g. if you get along better with east landers then you can establish a village in the east and join their nation.

14th October 2013, 02:59
I would like to get an early build of the new mod pack running this week. Hopefully Pernix can do that. If not then I'll think of something else.

I've spoken with cc about your contributions to the mod pack. They are very much appreciated and I welcome the input. We'll try to put as much as is sensible into the pack. However please keep in mind that you guys just joined our community and there has been an unfortunate incident on the RPG server with cc and some of our community members. We would like to get to know people better over a longer period of time before we make anyone a staff member. So far doing things that way has served us well.

In the mean time you guys can still very much contribute. You don't need access to our repository and server files to help make this an awesome mod pack. I'll get things running one way or another, be patient :)

14th October 2013, 07:43
That's sensible. I'm just happy to know that the pack is being worked on, it's been great for SSP (and LAN). In the meantime i've taken to going back and forth between HDRPG over LAN and dabbling in SMP Hexxit (PVE). I'd like to make some recommendations:

1) Animal Bikes, either remove or replace with chococraft.
If HDRPG becomes a 6.1 pack then a total removal wouldnt be so bad as 6.1 already has horses. The reason I recommend this change is because it is extremely easy to acquire an ender dragon mount (mine an endstone/sandstone palace, put the acquired endstone around a saddle and voila, ender dragon mount), as well as ender dragon mounts have a very loud sound that could annoy other players on the server. Some sort of faster travel would be nice though, like 6.1 horses or Chocobos.

2) Consider adding Twilight Forest or some other 'alternate dimension' mod.
TF dungeons already have a higher level of difficulty than standard minecraft, especially when combined with infernal mobs, the difficulty goes way up. This could be a good thing as it would encourage partying, as well as it would be a completely optional dimension.

3) Minefantasy considerations.
Minefantasy is almost mutually exclusive with Tinker's Construct. The reason being is that crafting TC tools is much easier than crafting MF tools. If you want to increase the difficulty level of 'teching up', you could always remove the iron pickaxe recipe and not allow stone picks to mine Iron Ore, this would force players to use TC to advance past the 'stone age'. Tinker's construct also allows the creation of good endgame tools (e.g. a Cobalt/Manyullyn pick with Haste II, Auto-Smelt, Auto-Repair and Fortune II) if enough effort is invested to aquire the materials for the tool.

4) Thirst Mod
Keep if possible. Some may disagree but it works great because it adds an immersive form of realism to the game (realism by itself isnt necessarily great, it is the immersion or belief of realism that makes things nice).

5) MineMagica II Mod
Works great. This is a nice mod, I havent discovered any balance issues or griefing exploits (that bypass towny protections) just yet, but they should be watched for.

6) Ars Magica Mod
Excellent mod. Griefing exploits exist. If you're gonna run it on an MP server then be prepared to disable some spells or find another way to improve town protections.

7) Balkon's Weapon Mod
Suggested by CC. This mod is decent. I remember using it on an old version of the technic pack. If it's implemented these weapons will almost certainly be preferred over TC weapons as they are easy to make and powerful (especially the musket).

8) Beer Mod
Added to the list of things by CC. However there are 2 versions I looked at. One is outdated, and the other one adds really strong buffs to the player (like Regen IV+Haste II) -- they are easy to make and would almost certainly replace potion making because the buffs are very strong (maybe even imbalanced).

9) Pam's Harvestcraft (reconsideration)
I complained about the obscene amount of foods/plants it adds and too much 'food grinding' based on my experiences with the Magic Farm modpack. On second thought it might work in HDRPG because some players may prefer to roleplay as farmers in addition to being adventurers/mages/what have you, and good foods could be bought/sold for in-game currency (whatever that will be) or bartered. Camping mod already adds a very plentiful/easy food source in the form of radishes, however.

10) Algae Mod
Suggested by CC. Adds a new farming system as well as improves oceans with various different types of things. I don't see any downsides to it unless it conflicts with other mods or eats up too much memory.

11) Alchemy++
Suggested by CC. This looks really good, a nice compliment to the standard potion brewing system.

14th October 2013, 14:38
I must say, I agree with Crouching on ALL of them mods.
Especially with the animal bikes. I love my reindeer bikes, but the chocobos are a lot more, let's say practical. They add a sense of breeding to get your perfect chocobo. You can also have multiple without them despawning. You can also have lots of other ones, flying ones. Ones that can go fast on land/water. Basically, I love this mod.

14th October 2013, 18:59
the chocobos are being added to the list we cant use the animal bikes mod because it is a bit unstable but I think we can work in something with the chocobos but if I am right we are going to be going with 1.6.whatever that means we are going to have horses too so there are a few things we have to looking in to but I am for chocobos

14th October 2013, 20:09
I want to make the pack for Minecraft 1.6.2. I'm currently experimenting with MultiMC5 and a 1.6.2 version of HappyDiggers AMP and so far it seems to be working ok-ish.

cc is talking to someone about maybe making a custom launcher for us, at least untill we can get onto a 1.6 launcher for FTB. If that doesn't pan out we could use MultiMC5.

As for the extra dimension to add to RPG, I'm going to add the Erebus mod. We're a few of the lucky ones who have permission to use it in both AMP and RPG. The Erebus dimension is pretty scary and ads a ton of cool mobs to fight. Check it out here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1652014-

16th October 2013, 01:08
I've made a Minecraft 1.6.2 version of HappyDiggers RPG. Now it's time to test test test...

Here's the current mod list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ak03a1G-FJq5dGhfMUpfTGhjd3MzU21xZ1JqQlVTOGc&usp=sharing

Some mods haven't been updated to 1.6.2 yet, others don't work and for a few we still need to get permission.

Some of the mods we talked about didn't make the cut. This is what I thought about them:
Better Building - Not Forge compatible.
Craftory - seems redundant with Pam's HarvestCraft and AlgaeCraft.
Better Wood - Basically vanilla Minecraft tools with different kind of wooden handles. Not very interesting compared to the other mods we're including.
Cartographer - Extra Utilities adds the same functionality through light panels.
Extended Workbench - More tools. Let's see if we don't have too many tools already before adding this one.
Shelfs - Similar redundant because of Bibliocraft which ads more then just shelfs.

We'll continue this discussion further in our V.I.P. section.

22nd October 2013, 22:08
I shall start to Bug-Test alot more now, as I have alot of free time. PLUS I have a 1 week holiday next week.
I will be playing on both single-player and on the RPG server. So keep an eye out for me;)

22nd October 2013, 22:55
Great :)

I'm sure CC will also be happy to hear he's getting a bit more company.

22nd October 2013, 23:48
I was thinking, that ALL newcomer should get a small kit, as I died multiple times trying to get started. So maybe something small such as:
Stone Tools
5 fresh water
5 cooked steak

just a suggestion:)

23rd October 2013, 11:16
It's a good suggestion. I'll see what I can do, thanks :)

17th October 2014, 04:52
is the RPG Server still open?

17th October 2014, 06:13
is the RPG Server still open?

Not right now, but hopefully in the future we will have it up and running again. There is a lot of work being done on tweaking it for the perfect HappyDiggers experience :)