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1st June 2013, 08:51
Was on lobby one night and a guy comes one (lucasMenno) tells me that he was griefed by FlorisvdV, I went on and this is what I found. Only found one thing they guy placed, core protect would not tell me what was destroyed, unless im using it wrong, but I would not be suprised if he destoyed everything aswell.

1st June 2013, 12:30
It looks like there was a problem with the database connection for CoreProtect. Not sure what caused it though. Blocks are being logged as we speak, but it seems all old data is gone, and so are recent changes like the grief above. This means I can't roll back the damage.

For now I think the best we can do is help lucasmenno rebuild.

1st June 2013, 17:43
i have previously checked this issue and spoke to floris. he and minecraftstar both told me they both were part of the group that lived there, and that floris built it as a statue?

1st June 2013, 18:57
I think what happened is that the town was deleted by not paying the upkeep and so everything was lost. That might explain why coreprotect didn't log everything also.

1st June 2013, 19:10
That is a possibility. When I checked there was no town there. Flying, do you know if they had a town with plots in that area?

1st June 2013, 23:37
I was checking that very spot out two days ago while planting trees. It looked slightly griefed, "bypassing lockette", but not on the scale the pictures showed. I did inspect the removed blocks by the door and the same name came up, FlorisvdV but theres a good chance someone else could have come and went crazy.

It was all wilderness and no signs of town decay.

That is all the info I can add.

2nd June 2013, 06:09
When I went on to see if I could help flying ban someone who had griefed it earlier, there was no town. That was a few days ago.

2nd June 2013, 14:32
again, like demman said, i have no memory of a town ever being there..