View Full Version : Towny Grief

18th June 2013, 23:19

The station outside of harbor town got it hard. Cliffmann started tearing down the station and I banned him. The other two were fortunate enough to be online to get a warning. A roll back is requested :(.

Also a player reported that the sell all "shift click" is not working at the shop. I tested it and It is not working for me as well.

18th June 2013, 23:55
I can look into the shift click problem, but that may be that the current plugin doesn't support that feature. The rollback will be done tonight.

19th June 2013, 01:01
353Ty DOM. Shortly after you left wesly_wilson went and removed all the power rials from the subway and I replaced most of them untill i found he removed allot of track as well.. Quite the busy night tonight. Another rollback request please, no rush.

19th June 2013, 08:22
All should be fixed now :)

19th June 2013, 14:45
Thank you but there is one more thing? Can the lava/water damage be fixed by the quartz structure in the beginning? I have a sheet of cobble running all the way down from water lava contact.

19th June 2013, 15:18
Looks like it never happened ;). Also noticed a few blocks of quartz that was rollbacked were still missing so I replaced them dunno why that happened tho.

19th June 2013, 23:36
Looks great! Thanks guys!