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31st March 2012, 15:23
I am a little bit confused and angry. One night I feel like I am content on what I am building so I switch over to the Vanilla Server. Then go to sleep for the night wake up. Get back on the Towny server and for some unknown reason I am banned all I am asking is why. :(

31st March 2012, 17:32
Do you know Anthony1617?

31st March 2012, 18:00
Also, do you know Valynarz and Alex9906?

31st March 2012, 19:36
Ok, I've heard your explanation.

Those 4 accounts log in from the same IP, all the time. That makes all accounts suspects if 1 gets banned.

Then you lie in your explanation. First you said you know Anthony from your days on the server, and then you said he's your brother. That put the final nail in your coffin. Your account and IP ban stays, for both servers.

1st April 2012, 02:29
It has come to my attention that my friend Majiman got banned from both servers because he is thought to be anthony1617.
I have known Anthony since 7 years ago, and we have been good friends. Majiman is his little brother, and is 2 years younger than Anthony.
The reason Majiman and Anthony have the same IP is because the router they use connects both computers owned by Majiman and Anthony, therefore the generic IP of the router got them both banned when Anthony was IP banned. Majiman is a very talented Minecraft player, and I enjoyed having him in my town. I would like it if he could be unbanned. As for Anthony, I have no idea what he did to anger the mods, but I can probably assume as much to what he did. For these reasons, I would like it if Majiman could be unbanned.

1st April 2012, 13:52
So... if they are brothers how can we know that anthony wont come on maji's account and grief or what he wants to do?

1st April 2012, 15:18
It sucks when someone you like gets banned. But he did some stupid things he shouldn't have.

First he used more then 1 account. Second he lied to me when asked to explain himself. His ban is permanent.

2nd April 2012, 16:16
Read my alternate forum, anyways Anthony wouldn't come on Maji's account because he does not have Maji's password... and nobody said using more than 1 account was against the rules. He paid money for both of his accounts. And you know why he lied to you Insane? It's because he didnt want people to think of him poorly, he didn't want people to think he was just like his brother, Anthony. It's not fair that he is banned and it makes me very annoyed.

2nd April 2012, 17:42
First of: the ban was decided on unanimously by all the mods.
Second: we are having a bit of a situation right now with mass grieving on the Towny server. Over a dozen people have been banned in just a few days.

I have received a similar story and request from Majiman. We will take this request under advisement. However we've got a lot of other things on our minds right now so please be patient.

2nd April 2012, 19:54
Very well. Hopefully once the griefing near Summershore is fixed the issue can be resolved.

4th April 2012, 07:38
On the topic of banning, Everytime I log in it says that I have been permenently banned for 1 day. It has been 3 days........

4th April 2012, 11:12
On the topic of banning, Everytime I log in it says that I have been permenently banned for 1 day. It has been 3 days........

Permanently banned for 1 day? Are you sure it doesn't just say permanently banned? Because if not then that is probably a bug

30th April 2012, 15:02
The minecraft account majiman has been unbanned, along with the IP ban that was issued. The other banned accounts remain banned. Also we'll be checking to see what IP is being used by majiman and other accounts.

19th May 2012, 18:09
How to get unbanned
:goldbar::diamond::ironbar::redstone::torch::);):c ool::shy::rolleyes::P:D:(:angel::@:blush::s:dodgy: :exclamation::heart:

20th May 2012, 14:34
By not hijacking someone else's thread and making such a ridiculous post.

You may appeal your ban if you feel it was unjust by making your own thread. You will have to explain what you think happened and why you think you do not deserve your ban. Then maybe we'll think about reconsidering your ban.

I'm closing this thread because it's topic has been discussed and resolved. This thread serves no further purpose.