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25th August 2013, 16:08
Hello people of Happy Diggers
I'm Chris
I'm now on the small world
I went to small world later on vanilla server tekomen
I sit there for a while so I thought I ever can now try

Who am I?
I'm chris Board
I'm 13 years ooud
I'm Dutch

I hope I can on the server
my name is mc csplayminecraft

25th August 2013, 17:10
Look, I'm sorry mate, but the Vanilla Server is invite-only. Other whitelisted players have to see you as a good member of the Happydiggers community. (Be friendly, helpful, active, etc.)

Also, I know that you very badly want to play on the server, but asking (more than once, I might add) only decreases your chances of actually getting whitelisted.

25th August 2013, 17:27
I play with someone sitting on vanilla namely kl1172!

26th August 2013, 14:46
Once a month there's a 'vote' for the vanilla whitelist. But you're brand new here, you can't expect to get whitelisted whitin +/- a week from registering to happydiggers. That's simply too quick.
Just listen to Pernix and help out, have fun and be friendly.