View Full Version : SmallWorld chest issue

8th September 2013, 01:12
ok, so I logged on today and Dothecreeper12 has put his signs on my chests, locking them. Its really annoying, its OK if he keeps them, I just want him to move them, cause its taking up space. If he doesnt, I will blow them up =) It would be great if he could move them or a staff member could do it for him.

8th September 2013, 02:50
The server world is pretty big. We have no idea what chests you're talking about. Post coordinates or something.

If you locked your chests then Dothecreeper can't unlock them. So either you neglected to lock your chests, in which case it's not grief. Or at some point you must have given him permission to use those chests. Or they were his to begin with.

You simply can't steal someone else's chests if they are locked with a sign. The server rules and messages clearly warn you to lock your stuff. So if you don't then don't complain if your stuff gets taken, it's your own fault.

Also blowing up locked chests will not work. They are pretty much indestructible.

Finally, I'm renaming this thread since it's clearly not grief. It might be theft at best.

8th September 2013, 04:08
Ok fine, I didnt lock em, and as I said, he can keep em, I just want them moved.