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8th September 2013, 04:13
I downloaded the FTB launcher from the RPG thread, to play on the RPG world, but how to I get on to the FTB world?

8th September 2013, 13:38
Currently we only have an FTB server running the HappyDiggers AMP pack. You can download this pack using code HappyDiggersAMP The server IP is listed on the serves page :)

We are working on getting HappyDiggers RPG (download code: HappyDiggers) stable enough to run as a public server. Once that is done I'll post the server details for that on the server page as well.

8th September 2013, 17:25
Ok, but as I said in the About HappyDiggers AMP, I couldnt play the world. I put a screenshot of the page

12th September 2013, 19:12
InsaneJ, I have downloaded the FTB launcher and the happydiggers modpack, so maybe I can join the meet. Installation went well, but I don't have a shortcut and don't know which file I must use to make a shortcut.
The launcher works fine I think, just don't have a shortcut to start it.

13th September 2013, 21:27
Normally you'd use the FTB launcher to launch the mod pack. So just start FTB_Launcher.exe, select the mod pack you want, and launch :)