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27th September 2013, 16:28
Right now our RPG mod pack and server aren't entirely stable. It often happens that a player encounters a crash either client or server side and cannot log back in.

As a workaround to this problem I've installed the tpLogin plugin. This plugin will attempt to teleport you to spawn every time you join the server. From there you can do /town spawn to get back to your town.

The problem is that when your client crashes and you join the server again, the client will crash again. If all goes well you will be teleported to spawn, eventhough you don't see this happening. So the next time after that when you join you should end up at spawn.

I know this isn't pretty but it's all we got right now untill a more permanent solution is devised.

SDBlastoise :)
30th September 2013, 20:48
Hello InsaneJ.

This problem is getting kind of annoying. Whenever it TpLogin tp's me to spawn when I join, it Tps me under spawn into the void. Then I keep falling and falling and falling. I tried doing: '/t spawn' but it doesn't work. Do I need somebody to actually teleport me out?


EDIT: I suicided in the void and yeah...
Lost all my diamond gear in a floating gravestone...
But I did get out. Small price to pay for freedom.

30th September 2013, 22:57
The 'falling through the void' thing is a symptom of lag -- you dont really fall through the void, its just trying to load the spawn area in. You must wait (often up to a minute) until the lag clears at which point you'll be teleported to the spawn area -- if it doesnt load after a minute of waiting then just relog (quit the server and rejoin)

SDBlastoise :)
2nd October 2013, 00:32
Thanks for the help Crouch!
But I am falling and dying of thirst...
All my gear is going to be lost...
Again :/

I reloaded but still...

2nd October 2013, 08:04
I'm having the same problem now, repeatedly even despite relogging a lot. I keep falling beneath the world while my thirst decays, I can drink and the drink will satiate me indicating that the world ticks are going (so it's not lag). If my thirst reaches zero then I start taking thirst damage while still falling beneath the world.

Last thing I was doing before this started happening, I was riding an ender dragon bike and then got disconnected (probably due to my bad connection). When I go into inventory, it shows me as sitting. I can't see the ender dragon bike and I cant dismount either. Teleport commands have no effect either (like /t spawn, or /spawn or /t spawn <townname>). I'm logging off and hoping the problem fixes itself as i'm not to keen on losing full enchanted gear, my power IV longbow 'Sting' and all the valuable stuff I was carrying.

2nd October 2013, 10:24
Okay, so I had the server rebooted a couple of times and the problem persisted. So I bit the bullet and did a /suicide right upon entering the world. My death point shows up right at the main spawn. No grave unfortunately.

I lost my dragon bike spawner but luckily I had a spare dragon that I spawned in before at base. I rode it around and attempted to do teleport commands while mounted. Didnt work. So I know that bikes prevent teleportation from working, and this likely affects the problem (also Blastoise has dino mounts so i'm guessing he was on them when the problem started happening for him).

Did some more tests. Left and re-entered the game while mounted near spawn. No problems. Went far enough away from spawn to unload the spawn chunk, relogged while mounted, and the problem happened again.

Is it possible to install a world anchor at spawn w/o having to do anything client-side? Maybe this will fix the problem with bikes causing the 'fall through world' bug.

Workaround for the meantime is not to use creature bikes.

2nd October 2013, 15:05
Thanks for doing all that research :)

I'll look into the possibility of having a server side world anchor for spawn.

SDBlastoise :)
3rd October 2013, 05:59
Apparently, when you tp to your town in the void, it tp's you under your town. Back to the void...