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3rd October 2013, 18:09
I've changed the layout of our main base's power grid and included an Average Counter and an Energy Counter:

With these we'll be able to keep track of how much we're using. Not that we need to know, it's just fun to have. I've also added a few more panels to display what's going on:

Fun fact: it costs about 10.000.000 EU to teleport to our outpost ^^

It's time we got that auto-mining rig going so we can have our machines process the ores and whatnot. Just to raise the amount of power we're using :)

3rd October 2013, 20:59
Well it was more then 10.000.000 or a MFSU would have worked :-p

4th October 2013, 14:05
Saw you titled the signs, that looks awesome :)

Dom and I build a fully automated mining rig in the mining dimension yesterday. 16 mining wells go from the surface to bedrock every 6 seconds or so, it's crazy!

Now the base is starting to use more power and we are using more Helium Plasma then we're generating. Care to build a second fusion reactor? ;)

I've already cleared out the floor above the current one so they can share the quantum tank and tesseract.

A wonderful bit of devastation by our mining rig:

It doesn't yet auto-start after a server restart though.

4th October 2013, 15:30
Whats needed to get it going after server restart then?

4th October 2013, 15:33
So that means we are using more then 67.584k eu/t now :eek: (33 plasma generators running at 2048eu/t).

4th October 2013, 18:05
I think the rednet cable colors that are connected to the carriage engine got reset somehow. Also I think the computer and it's program were reset or not yet configured to auto-start.

67K EU/t would mean the mining rig and industrial grinders are using around 40K EU/t, that seems a bit much given that there is only 1 plasma generator on the mining rig. Could it be that the inventory of the plasma generator on the mining rig resets every time it moves? That would probably account for the large amount of plasma being used. And if that's the case we should probably make another IDSU network just for the mining rig and feed it from within the main base.

4th October 2013, 22:55
have you ever thot you where insane J .XD

5th October 2013, 00:35
No. It's always other people that call me insane.

5th October 2013, 03:24
I will look into the auto-restart tomorrow, but I think I set it up to run on restarts because that is how it is operating now; The computer is moved and is reset with every move of the carriage and rhen auto starts the program based kn its relative location that is saved to file.

5th October 2013, 11:33
Carefull if you touch it though, the rig is completely bugged now. Looks like block states are corrupted and everything...
Click the liquidtesseract and you DC, ME cables only partially connected to their neighbours. The plasma cooler reverted to a block thats looks like machine parts and so on...

5th October 2013, 13:15
Maybe that has something to do with the mining dimension. We could try setting up the mining rig in the overworld. That has the added benefit of also getting us more of the available ores.