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1st April 2012, 15:06
A new town built on a big island and will begin building on the mountain island too.
On island we have 3 biomes: Mountain, Plains, Forest and will make a train station leading to a desert and snow biome for other resources.
Any1 is welcome in and we are also looking for town guardians :).
Will post pictures soon.

31st January 2016, 00:34
Still waiting on those pics.

15th February 2016, 11:02
Marius you had one job

15th February 2016, 13:08
A picture of a town that is now underwater won't work too good ain't it? ;p

15th February 2016, 13:21
On the contrary! It would be even better! I love post-apocalyptic pictures! :elmo:

15th February 2016, 14:06
Yeah Marius, where are those pictures you promised :)

15th February 2016, 14:25
It looks like I don't have those anymore ;\. Tho I still have one picture of Atlantis, the oldest town on DOM's first towny server ;)