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30th October 2013, 22:35
Hey guys, need a little help. Started using HappyDiggers - Love it - and I've hit a block I don't know how to use... Strange, yes.

The Block name is 'Elevator' ID:2542

Any hints on getting this (Hope-to-be) badboy working?

Cheers :pig:

30th October 2013, 23:01
Ah, the elevator. The modern design of travel.

Basically, put a square of elevators, on a floor (Any size).
And place an identical square on the floor above and/or below.

Stand on the elevator,
either Jump, to go up a floor,
or crouch to go down a floor.


5th November 2013, 12:13
yeah, you should be watching InsaneJ's videos on youtube :D