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2nd November 2013, 13:58
Earlier today, my friend and I logged onto the snapshot server. We had recently started our own survival on an island (not survival island though). However when we logged on again our items had been stolen and a note saying: please do not build here -ADMIN-. Now I can understand if the self proclaimed "Admin" wanted the island for him or herself however griefing and stealing was inappropriate. Had they asked to move our items we would have worked with them and moved however using the excuse of being and admin is out of order. What's more they didn't even leave their IGN. This is a complaint regarding who you are choosing for administration on your servers. I had played on your servers many times and this is out of the blue.
If you wish to discuss further I use skype (name is SteadyChap) my IGN is Steadster_71
Your sincerely

2nd November 2013, 14:17
Thanks for taking the time to report this issue.

Did you read the Snapshot server rules? They are on the server page (http://happydiggers.net/content.php?117-servers&tabid=37), right under the Snapshot server's IP. Please let me know if you've read them.

I'm 100% certain it's not an actual admin who placed that sign. As you probably know the world on the Snapshot server is reset with each snapshot update. None of the admins have played there since the last snapshot update, which means none of the admins have ever set foot on the world you are currently playing on.

Whomever placed that sign was not a member of our staff (http://happydiggers.net/content.php?262&tabid=55). If an admin wanted you gone, you would know it. We wouldn't use a sign saying: -ADMIN-

You should redirect your complaint towards whomever stole your stuff. I suggest you use a sword while doing it.

2nd November 2013, 14:37
Thanks for taking the time to respond, I have read the rules, I was just annoyed that they used the excuse of being admin. I didn't realize that no admins have been on. Again thanks greatly for answering.

4th January 2014, 01:58
Hey J, there is an abusing admin(s) on the snapshot server. RJS1997, and or Ryanyo007 are tping me all around, kicking me and trying and trying to make it so i end up on the bad end of this. If you would mind fixing the issue that would be great.

4th January 2014, 03:33
Don't put this on us. You're the one acting like a whiny jerk. You pissed off the mods and got banned. Then you came to me. When I explained to you that there are few rules on the Snapshot server you start accusing me of not caring about my servers and telling me I don't run them the way I should.

You're rude, insulting, whiny and think you are somehow entitled to special treatment. That all ends today. You are banned from our servers and our forum. It's been a long time coming.

4th January 2014, 03:37
I've been banned now, yay

4th January 2014, 09:16
:O OMG cya lige, ummm yeah i hope i dont end up like that! :P

4th January 2014, 13:53
Well said boya.

Yeah, haha fuck you too J. you don't run your servers with any type of care at all as you can clearly see. i know you hated me ever since i joined the server but in all seriousness fuck you, you little prick ass bitch. Oh poor me im a little bitch who is sick and has headaches from reading. you're fucking worthless to your own servers you dont do shit for any player and you certainly dont help them so yea. Fuck you you little bitch.
- Lige

You got in a fight with two of your friends on the server. They are also moderators and told you to stop it, but you didn't. You never do. Then they banned you.
Because you never do stop, you came to me and ratted on your friends. That's betrayal right there. They were the only reason you were allowed into the V.I.P. group and you pissed all over them. You could have let it slide, but you didn't.
I explained to you I don't care what happens on the Snapshot server as long as the rules are followed. That wasn't enough for you because you felt the need to explain to me why I was wrong and that I was doing a bad job. It's my server, I'll run it any way I please. You are not entitled to anything. If you don't like it, you can leave.
As the conversation progressed you started to insult me more and more and just kept on basically repeating your arguments so I banned you from our servers.
But you never know when to stop. So you registered a new account to hurl some more insults my way.

Nice going Lige.

As for me hating you. I don't hate you. If I did I wouldn't have allowed you to join the V.I.P. group. What is true is that I never liked you, but that is something entirely different. I never liked you because from the moment you joined our community you were trouble. You got into fights with people, you acted like a jerk, you always had a problem with authority and always went against mods and admins as much as you could.

In a way I'm glad that you are gone now. But it also sucks that Ryan and RJS were damaged in their trust in you. They vouched for you and you pissed all over that with this behavior.

R & R, I strongly suggest you guys dump his ass this time because he's not a friend.

4th January 2014, 19:06
Score one for the boys back home!

4th January 2014, 19:53
Indeed! No one can expect to insult a server owner without getting banned, btw J can you remove that very rude and disrispectful post!

4th January 2014, 20:39
I dont have permission to delete, but I censored it a bit

4th January 2014, 21:12
I left the post deliberately. That's why I also quoted it. I'd like to hear from Ryan and RJ.

5th January 2014, 06:12
Nice ethe! Yay!!!