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2nd April 2012, 13:17
First of all, I would like to say that I do not speak on behalf of InsaneJ, DOM or any other mod/admins. I am also not pushing them into doing this. I am merely stating my opinion.
Since all the banning, I rarely see more than 3 people on the vanilla server. This may make InsaneJ think that there is no point in running the server. I do not want this to happen as this is the only server that I have not been griefed on. My suggestion is that we open the whitelist application again to prevent this from happening. If you like this idea, then please let someone know about it. If you don't, then that's fine.
Thank you for reading

2nd April 2012, 17:50
Ideas are always welcome so no need to be shy in posting them :)

Currently more players are using the Towny server. There is also a lot more grieving going on over there. And that's a problem we are cleaning up right now. On the Towny server we can easily undo damage and ban players. On the Vanilla server it's harder to undo damage caused by grievers. This means we want to be extra careful about who we allow on the Vanilla server.

We are currently monitoring all players activities on the Towny server. This produces a lot of stats which we will use to decide who we will allow on the Vanilla server.

The whitelist for the Vanilla server is quite large. Maybe people enjoy using Towny more than playing on Vanilla. An argument I keep hearing is that people want to play on Towny server because of grieving. Our experience is that there is way less grieving on the Vanilla server right now. So yeah, go figure :)