View Full Version : Erm, What?

11th November 2013, 14:33
Well, I logged on outside my house (Made by pern) to see this:

I think it might of been pernix, since we have had a little prank war going on,
(he made my house into a mushroom farm, I made his into a aquarium;) )

In that case, I don't mind,

11th November 2013, 16:29
Maybe lightning?

11th November 2013, 17:57
Thats what I thought,
but surely when there is lightning there is rain? So that would put the fire out

11th November 2013, 18:25
Is that the Snapshot server? Chances are someone just griefed your house ;)

11th November 2013, 19:18
I think its vanilla from what I recognized from flying around the other day.

11th November 2013, 19:58
It's vanilla, explaining why I put it in the vanilla thread ;)

11th November 2013, 22:32
I wouldn't go as far as level your house as a counter-counter prank haha.

"Lightning can go directly through blocks to hit the ground."
- Minecraft wiki.

Lightning might have decided to go through the slight overhang in the roof. That would explain why the fire wasn't put out by the rain. Maybe the lightning completely bypassed your house to hit your clay floor? I don't know.

12th November 2013, 18:11
Sounds like a good explanation, well I'll get to rebuilding!