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24th November 2013, 06:16
Ok so like my post about the towny server. I open up my minecraft. Use my profile that is set to 1.7.2 put in the ip and it says "cannot connect to server" ? ?

24th November 2013, 08:16
Now that's your problem! The Lobby Server is still in version 1.6.4. Simple fix for that, but unfortunately we don't currently don't have a Towny Server up at the moment, either. Sucks, I know, but there is a new one coming soon, so I wouldn't panic. :P

25th November 2013, 04:20
ahh ok thank you for clearing that up :D much appreciated!

25th November 2013, 04:29
So I changed it to 1.6.4 and re put the IP in and it still wont work :'(

26th November 2013, 07:44
The IP is "smallworld.happydiggers.net:25573" correct?

26th November 2013, 08:34

It'll log you into the Lobby Server, which from there you can either make your way to the portal to the SmallWorld server or use the command '/server smallworld'

26th November 2013, 09:17
Its not even logging me into anything. Its not even showing up that its connected. I dont think im doing anything wrong. Ive joined lots of servers before and im doing everything the same. I have no clue what is going on

26th November 2013, 09:19
OHHHHHHHHH whoops didnt see the first part of your post

26th November 2013, 09:20

26th November 2013, 09:38
Hahahahaha. Well done. :P

26th November 2013, 13:47
Had a great first day! Kinda cool that it was on my birthday! :D thanks for helpin with the base!

26th November 2013, 14:29
I dont think im doing anything wrong.
Nice one :p

For anyone else not doing it wrong, I've made the IPs even bigger on the server page. Hope you can read them now ;)

27th November 2013, 07:51
^ lol :D i feel kinda slow now hahaha