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14th December 2013, 21:34
After more than a month waiting for my new pc to arrive! I have decided to make the.... Happy Diggers SmallWorld Inc. Right now its at 21 floors! But i want to make it 30 floors!:D In the build there have been used more than 60 stacks of stone bricks! And more than 20 stacks of spruce wooden planks! I've been building it with boya0910 and kl1172. And still we have to make the interior and put more than 15 stacks of wooden planks! It would be great if you guys could help us! 482

19th December 2013, 02:49

what am I? whale blubber?

anyway, lookin great, be sure to tell me if you want me to jump on and help!

19th December 2013, 09:21
Whale blubber is considered a delicacy in some parts of the world. :D

19th December 2013, 11:00
485Hmmmmm whale blubber....


19th December 2013, 17:53
LOL xD I crapped myself when it exploded! xDDDD

6th April 2014, 22:07
I hate everyone.....so very much