View Full Version : Are Servers up?

1st January 2014, 00:33
A while back I was talking to Dom asking him if the servers (lobby, etc ) are up and they were, ive been trying to connect ever since and they have always been down just wondering if its a bug or what.

1st January 2014, 00:40
The servers should all be up and running... I have no idea why it would be saying the server is down/doesn't exist for you.

1st January 2014, 00:45
alright im a idiot there forgot their 1.6.4

1st January 2014, 11:59
Which reminds me, we (and by we I mean Pernix :)) should probably check to see if the plugins for the new server are 1.7 compatible yet. I'm guessing most are.

My suggestion would be to setup a local 1.7.4 server on your PC with all the plugins the server uses and see if it crashes. If it doesn't then we can try updating the dev server. Just put all the 1.7.4 compatible (or latest versions of the) plugins in a folder on the server and I'll take care of the rest.