View Full Version : We are ready to face the dragon!

25th January 2014, 20:33
Enough eyes have been collected to open the portal. So yeah..lets do this! When can we all get together and slay us a beastie?

25th January 2014, 21:53
Im mostly free at weekends, Its exam time, so study is my best friend

26th January 2014, 00:22
Weekends are good for me. I work either saturday or sunday, alternating every weekend, either in the afternoon or the wee hours of the morning eastern standard time.

26th January 2014, 11:42
Nice avatar cliffs :)

After all this time I still haven't figured out the timezones yet so I've made (borrowed/included) a bunch of clocks to help us (well, mostly me :p).

My awesome super clocks!!
If you're running an ad/tracker blocking plugin in your browser you may have to whitelist happydiggers.net and reload. Other then these clocks and youtube/twitch videos there aren't any external components.

So do you guys have a suggestion yet? How about saturday February 1st? Maybe around 21:00 on the Amsterdam clock? ;)

26th January 2014, 12:09
Can you add london to this clock? :B

26th January 2014, 12:18
It just fits, this is the smallest I can make the clocks :)

26th January 2014, 12:29
Im fine for 1st febuary

26th January 2014, 16:23
It's supposed to be an animated gif but oh well, works for me!

I can probably do the 1st, have to check me schedule first.

28th January 2014, 15:42
If I'm still at home at that time, I'll join. Never fought a dragon before.

28th January 2014, 17:46
If another time is more suitable for you, feel free to suggest one. That's what this thread is for :)

28th January 2014, 21:50
how about the 8th? Also, I know pernix and TD will want in on this.

28th January 2014, 22:48
Im free any weekend, apart from this sunday

29th January 2014, 02:05
I've moved the eyes and their chest to the end portal room for safe-keeping. Marius mentioned the threat of creepers blowing up the chest, and since that has happened at least once that I know of I figured it would be best.

1st February 2014, 16:41
We doing this today?

1st February 2014, 19:17
If we could postpone it I would appreciate it. I must sleep before work..

1st February 2014, 19:24
IM fine with postponing

4th February 2014, 11:39
I'm ok with the 8th. We should put up a sign at spawn with the date. But do you guys cross TD or Pernix regularly, cause I don't.

4th February 2014, 14:35
I think I see TD on on Skype most of the time, maybe I can let her know about this too see if she will fight along us?

4th February 2014, 23:37
I'm pretty sure TD wants to join, I've heard her say so a few times and she posted a sign at the message board a while back.

are there any supplies you guys need? I'm going to put some building blocks in the chest with the pearls in case we need to build a walkway from the spawn platform to the island, and a minecart w/chest so we can store some things in case we need to before we slay the dragon. (mostly food and arrows i guess.) anything else? i'll set aside some golden apples too.

5th February 2014, 09:20
What kind of protection is best on our armor?

What potions are useful at the fight?

I can bring an ender chest.

5th February 2014, 09:39
Id say healing II, maybe pumpkins to stop the endermen

5th February 2014, 10:33
Armour isn't so much a worry... Not in a group, at least. Might I suggest a bucket of water and snowballs, though. Water for keeping the endermen out of your hair, and snowballs for the Ender Crystals.

5th February 2014, 12:15
I do beleive there is a current bug with snowballs and ender crystals. I don't beleive they will trigger the ender crystals

5th February 2014, 18:01
can dragons break ender chests? as for enchants protection and feather falling would be best. the dragon can throw you pretty high into the air after hitting you, and after hitting you you're usually down to only a couple hearts. potions i don't know about. strength, speed, and regen are all i can think of. im pretty sure he's immune to damage and the other status effect ones. we could bring poison splash to deal with endermen if they get out of hand, but as long as we stay in the middle of the island and are careful where we look they'll be too busy chasing the dragon that just hit them to care about us.

7th February 2014, 23:07
Im going to start collecting for the fight, ive already got armor just need some potions etc. Ill make a 'Dragon slayer' kit at spawn.

7th February 2014, 23:29
Okay, so ive made some chests for the following:


Anyone else you want me to add?

8th February 2014, 12:28
Which players are confirmed so far? I'm afraid I can't make it today :B

If you guys want to go ahead and slay the dragon I understand. Just do me a favor and record :)

If the event is postponed to next week I'll be available.

8th February 2014, 12:50
I can postpone, im not busy. I can just gather more resources :D

8th February 2014, 13:14
That's fine by me. 15th february it is.

But can we try and make it that day, else we can keep postphoning. Of course trying to gather a group of people isn't easy with our international community. But if we all put in a little effort we could just make it. Hey, if most of you could make and it turns out I can't, be my guest and hunt that dragon down without me.

Let's say everybody who is fine with 15th february needs to confirm it in this thread at least on Friday. Just want to get things moving.

8th February 2014, 13:41
I agree. I can 100% make it on the 15th February

8th February 2014, 15:56
Yep me two! How about 3PM London Time??

8th February 2014, 16:08
Im more avaliable in the evening. I'd say 21:00 Amsterdam Clock. As we originally planned.

9th February 2014, 05:34
soo, did it happen today? I ended up having to work.. :mad:

nevermind. I'll let ya know later in the week if im free.

9th February 2014, 09:03
Should be able to be there. Can we make it 7/8pm Amsterdam time, or possibly earlier? If not, than oh well.

9th February 2014, 10:51
Im open to any time, but preferably evening

9th February 2014, 15:22
I cant, im 2 hours ahead so thats 11 at night for me! :/

9th February 2014, 16:43
In that case I'd suggest 19:00 Amsterdam. That's doable for Pernix, 21:00 for Boya and 18:00 for ethe.

Would that work for you guys?

9th February 2014, 17:39
Should be no problem for me.

9th February 2014, 17:46
Yep, thats fine for me.

10th February 2014, 02:50
that will work for me, assuming I don't have to work, which I shouldn't. If I do then just go ahead without me.

I've left some supplies in a chest in the end portal room, along with the eyes. A minecart w/chest, a stack of carrots, a tier I golden apple for everyone, and a stack of cobble. I'll probably bring some stacks of arrows and more food over as well.

10th February 2014, 08:42
I can do any time, that doesn't bother me so much. It's just doing it earlier in the morning/later at night for me means that the rest of my family aren't awake, which means you guys aren't listening to them. :P

Oh, the troubles of a small house...

13th February 2014, 09:13
So I had an idea for a way of commemorating our defeat of the dragon, but it would require an admin's help and a command block. A little non-vanilla, but hear me out.

If you plant two cacti and surround the ground around each with pressure plates, and link the outputs of each set of pressure plates to an AND gate, and make every cactus block that grows instead pop off and fall on the pressure plates, every four times the AND gate would be activated 365 minecraft days will have passed, give or take a day. So, If you make this clock in the spawn chunk, and connect the AND gate to a series of T-flip flops so they turn on in succession, and wire the last one to a command block which increases an objective counter by 1, you can make a yearly calendar.

I suppose you could technically keep track of the number of passed years without the command block, but it would take up alot of room and there would be no way to make a server-wide announcement, whereas the command block could do so in a number of ways. Using a solar panel would require a circuit which could determine if it was raining or thunderstorming when the day started, which again would take up alot of room.

13th February 2014, 18:07
BTW, what server is this on? and who will be recording it?

13th February 2014, 19:18
Well, hmmm. It's in the Vanilla section, so I think it's Vanilla ;). I think J, is recording. DOM might be, and whoever else is

13th February 2014, 19:49
OK sounds good!

14th February 2014, 09:21
A clock like that will not work on a Vanilla server unfortunately. The reason for this is that the chunks the clock is in are unloaded most of the time, which means the clock won't run. On a modded server we could place a chunk loader and it would keep running. But on Vanilla it will get stuck in limbo once all the players leave.

So everybody is ready for Saturday 15th of February 19:00 on Amsterdam time?

Try to let everybody you know who hasn't responded yet in on this :)

14th February 2014, 11:27
The clock should work if it's placed in the spawn chunks, as they do not unload (unless you've set it otherwise, if that's possible). Problem is if the server is restarted or stopped it may mess up the timing.

14th February 2014, 11:50
Right, spawn chunk. Cliffs said that but it didn't register :B

It would depend on the server always running and doing exactly 20 ticks per second, which is nearly impossible. So the clock won't be very accurate. But is that really a problem?

If you guys want to build a clock then let's build a clock :)

Just make sure you make it a nice one. Not some freak of nature monster clock :p Maybe you could build one on the new Spigot server in the creative world to test designs?

14th February 2014, 13:25
I should be ready for Saturday, see y'all then.

And for the dragon egg, bare with me here, block of dirt + sign with date + dragon egg, voilĂ . We shalll be the envy of all other servers!

14th February 2014, 13:37
Right, spawn chunk. Cliffs said that but it didn't register :B

It would depend on the server always running and doing exactly 20 ticks per second, which is nearly impossible. So the clock won't be very accurate. But is that really a problem?

If you guys want to build a clock then let's build a clock :)

Just make sure you make it a nice one. Not some freak of nature monster clock :p Maybe you could build one on the new Spigot server in the creative world to test designs?

eh, it's already got some approximation built into it. I'd love to build it just to test it. It's really simple to build. In fact i could build the entire thing underneath the spawn platform in a small room, the length and width of the platform and maybe 4-5 blocks deep.
Actually, scratch that, it's gonna be a little bigger than i thought. still not monstrous.

Also, i've put some enchanted bows in the dragon slaying kits at spawn. Tried to get at least power V on all of them but a couple only have power IV.. :/

14th February 2014, 15:57
Hey guys, can't be there. I have to work. Have fun tho!

15th February 2014, 17:10
hay go on put me down for a shot at the dragon ...:rolleyes: yes im back

15th February 2014, 17:26
Tonight should be fun :)

15th February 2014, 17:46
Hooray! Wordie's back :D

16th February 2014, 17:56
Damn mist it! I was out! xD