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5th February 2014, 23:58
The HappyDiggers TFC server has gone live today! Hope you guys enjoy it :)

As always if you have any suggestions, questions or remarks, please feel free to post them.

I just finished registering the TFC server on a bunch of Minecraft server lists. Some of those sites are nice, some of them are a real mess. It took quite some work just to register and get the server listed. Anyway, you can now vote on the TFC server if you like. There is no votifier on the TFC server so voting won't result in free diamonds on the server unfortunately ;) But if we get noticed it will help new players find our small little corner of the Internet.

Here's the list:

http://minecraftservers.com (it's on there somewhere...)
http://minecraftservers.net (couldn't register yet because they can't poll the server...)

6th February 2014, 02:03
Well I seen a few people on tonight and some others popping in and out. Quite the turnout so far.

Here a couple good links for those who have never played terrafirmacraft.



6th February 2014, 09:52
Yup, we got 35 unique players so far. That's more then I'd expected for something that is in fact a niche mod with a relatively small audience in the Minecraft community. Good job guys :)

There's also a thread about our server on the TFC forum: http://terrafirmacraft.com/f/topic/5156-happydiggers-public-server-mytown-no-whitelist-no-pvp/

7th February 2014, 14:55
I don´t think ill be playing on the TFC server much, my computer isn´t powerfull enough and ill be probably get like 2fps so yeah.

Aswell I haven´t been playing Minecraft lately either, got hooked on FIFA Ultimate Team! Ohhhhh Team of the Year Messi! :3

7th February 2014, 17:29
Actually I tried it out, doesn´t run to slow, it´s a bit complicating and a hard learning curve but I´m sure I can learn it!

7th February 2014, 18:04
I'm sure there are towns you can join. From what I can tell so far most players are friendly enough :)

As for the learning curve. Did you watch my video? That will teach you absolutely nothing! ^^
Check the wiki and follow the guides on the main page.

7th February 2014, 18:21
Yep! I watched your vid and did the exact same as you but I still dont have pottery or a house! :P

26th February 2014, 22:55
Quoted From J

"This weekend I'd like to do another server tour and I would like some of the regulars to participate if they're up for it. My plan is to be on the server on Sunday 2nd of March at around 19:00CET. Could you please see and ask around if people would be interested in showing off their builds? They'd have to get on TeamSpeak for that. They can talk a little bit about what they've done so far, what current projects are and about their plans for the future. They can talk about anything interesting they like. Fun moments, epic failures, anything they like. I'll then go from village to village and give the players some time to become famous on YouTube ;)"

27th February 2014, 11:19
Feel free to pass it on to the server thread (http://terrafirmacraft.com/f/topic/5156-happydiggers-public-server-mytown-no-whitelist-no-pvp/) on the TFC forums. I don't want to be the only one posting there, it makes me feel lonely ;)

Oh, and for those who need to figure out what time 19:00CET is. It's 7PM Amsterdam time.

Awesome Clocks!

11th March 2014, 16:56
The More Player Models (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1974094-) mod has been added to the server. This is an optional mod, players are not required to have it installed to play on the HappyDiggers server.

Also KodeKatt was kind enough to show us around her place on the server. She's chosen a unique build style which tries to integrate all her buildings into the surrounding terrain. Walking through the maze-like paths in the jungle was amazing. Have a look http://terrafirmacraft.com/f/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png


15th March 2014, 22:16
I've increased the plots per player. Players now get 64 plots to protect their towns. That should help people who want to claim things like an island or a farm area.

If there's anything else you guys need just let me know.

20th March 2014, 00:12
For those curious about the More Player Models mod:

More player models allows you to do various animation options, such as above, as well as modify features of your character, such as adding a snout, or tail, or wings, even a mowhawk, beard, hair, and even more! You can turn yourself into other creatures, such as a creeper, so you can troll your friends who are using the mod as well!

22nd March 2014, 19:08
I had fun creating my super awesome character with a huge beefy body and a tiny head ;)

Also, I'll just leave this here: