View Full Version : Things to do while you wait for GregTech to load....

22nd February 2014, 14:30
Ok so GregTech takes forever to load since it started it's quest for OreDictionary Unification. Let's poke some fun at it. You know how these threads go. Just pitch in! :)

Things to do while you wait for GregTech to load...

Witness the end of the universe.

22nd February 2014, 17:01
-Eat Biscuits while dancing around the house listening to Beyonce
-Reflect on how much time you spend on AMP, try to change. Return to AMP.
-Witness other people witnessing the end of the universe

22nd February 2014, 17:25
* Take a poo
* Watch the last episode of breaking bad
* Drink 200 pints of beer
* Go on a different minecraft server (happydiggers vanilla)
* Buy a Lego set and build it in 20 minutes
* Witness other people witnessing other people witnessing the end of the world (thx ethe!)
* Watch Titanic and cry for 4 hours straight

22nd February 2014, 17:28
- Cry at how long greg-tech takes to load
-Write a strongly worded email to greg-tech telling them to hurry the mod up

22nd February 2014, 17:52
-Take a poo on greg-tech
-Search google for funny pics

22nd February 2014, 18:18
Research and built an actual fusion reactor that is self sustaining.

24th February 2014, 19:34
Watch The LOTR trilogy and the unexpected prequels.... twice!

25th February 2014, 13:51
Ohhh BTW Ethe what biscuits and what beyonce song? (for me : Rich tea/breakaway and halo :D)

28th February 2014, 09:39
@boya, don't derail the thread :P

Come up with a better Nuclear Reactor design that will not blow up our base :B

28th February 2014, 10:03
lolz yeah!

28th February 2014, 13:53
Build a new base while you... Oh, wait.

28th February 2014, 13:56
* Build a rocket and record what happens
* Check on GregTech... Nope!
* Edit video
* Check on GregTech... Nope!
* Upload to YouTube
* Check on GregTech... STILL NOT DONE!
* Open some homework file that I have been neglecting...
* Check on GregTech... YaY!
* Continue to neglect homework and play AMP

28th February 2014, 15:35
Nice :)

Solve world hunger.
Achieve peace for all mankind.
Clean the fish tank.

8th March 2014, 20:01
Translate the BigReactors mod into the divine language...


8th March 2014, 20:23
-Get a degree in agriculture
-Make sure Sverf hasn't dumped sewage in my basement
-Visit J, and steal his unnatural internet speeds

8th March 2014, 20:38
-Listen a 1 hour playlist
-Go to Australia to see a Flying Fox
-Fight a Flying Fox
-Boot up Windows 10 times
-Check back and ... notice that you need to open the game again :P

8th March 2014, 21:00
- Dump nuclear waste in Ethe's attic

8th March 2014, 21:23
-Seal Sverf in my attic with the nuclear waste

27th April 2014, 19:59
- Pester J to add mods that he doesn't want *cough* Blood Magic (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1899223-172164-blood-magic-v100cv101c-updated-apr-26/)*cough* ;)

3rd May 2014, 03:07
-Take a nap
-Take another nap
-Watch the hobbit
-Attempt to redo the homework you did earlier but you know you failed at
-Watch videos
-Wait in vain for GregTech
-Witness J witnessing the end of the world
-Go on to the HappyDiggers website and pretend you know what your talking about (Me)

7th May 2014, 14:59
- Post on thread about how bad gregtech is
- Realise how you´ve wasted your life
- Play ET on the Atari
- Burn ET
- Smash the Atari
- Buy a new PC
- Smash new PC because it only runs MC at 10 fps

7th May 2014, 20:00
-Wait for your V.I.P. to be approved :cool:

8th May 2014, 03:14
-wait for your moderator status to come in through amazon :)

2nd June 2014, 08:01
Have a cake! (but ONLY after you have waited long enough)

2nd June 2014, 12:09
-mod gregtech so it doesn't load for hours :P
-create a new mod that is better than gregtech
-recode minecraft
-create a brand new game and get 2000000000$ for it;)
-send hate mails to GregoriusT
-do your 5 years of study:bookshelf:
-cerate a 3d printer to make a (pellet) gun to shoot at GregoriousT:p
-read a book
-write a book
-book holidays for your book
-write what you would do while waiting for gregtech to load:D

4th June 2014, 08:00
Wait for the moon's night to end. (approx. 1h40m or 4 overworld days)

I was going to say "See George R. R. Martin finish his book series and witness the finale of Game of Thrones", but the universe will succumb to heat death before that happens.

Install league of legends, the only process I've ever seen not only take precedence over the ctrl+alt+delete function but actually cause it to fail..