View Full Version : When is server coming back on

22nd March 2014, 21:24
1. If its up what version do i need to use to join. 2. When will it be back up if its down, i miss it and i want to do something for the server and start a new series for my youtube

23rd March 2014, 16:30
We're still working on the new Bukkit/Spigot server but it's going slowly. Currently there is no ETA.

23rd March 2014, 16:59
J I know you're going to say "It´s no that simple" but why don´t we just set a up a temporary server to play on. Personally I´d love it to be pixelmon so that way I could continue my series on the server!

6th April 2014, 05:05
Boom yes pixelmon! Get ready to get rekt, for the pixelmon master has arrived!