View Full Version : Restored backup due to time change

1st April 2014, 23:11
I'm sorry to report that one of our idiot admins was dumb enough to change the time on the server. As a result TFC broke.

I have restored the latest available backup which, as it turns out, was yesterday's backup. Today's backup, the one from april 1st, failed. As always, as soon as a backup fails you need it.

So as of a few minutes ago from when I post this, the server has been reverted to 2014-03-31 09:51 CET. For those of you who don't know how to translate to CET, that's about 1.5 days of progress lost.

I'm really sorry about this. Pernix wishes to remain anonymous so I won't mention his name. But suffice it to say he'll be severely punished for his stupidity.

2nd April 2014, 06:45
Hopefully the anonymous (http://happydiggers.net/member.php?9-Pernix_8D) admin won't do that again. It would be a shame if everyone learned he (http://happydiggers.net/member.php?9-Pernix_8D) did it, but I'll respect keeping his (http://happydiggers.net/member.php?9-Pernix_8D) identity as anonymous.

I think we should vote on how the anonymous (http://happydiggers.net/member.php?9-Pernix_8D) admin should be punished!

I vote he's (http://happydiggers.net/member.php?9-Pernix_8D) to be publicly beated with a toaster.

2nd April 2014, 06:59
God, that admin is clueless, isn't he?

I on the other hand would never do that.