View Full Version : Our crucible stolen again, anyone in town isnt possible.

7th April 2014, 19:57
So I logged on to the terrafirmacraft server again, only to find that our crucible and stacks of ingots have been stolen YET AGAIN. I used /t res and went through all my citizens, and none of them were on last night. As you know i kicked EVERYONE out of kingston so the possibility of it being someone in the town is literally 0. It has to be a mod or an admin abusing his powers, which i would hate to think, or someone who has found a flaw in the system. I don't come here to complain or yell, I just want compensation.

I would like to have these things back from what was stolen from us because this just isnt right at this point since we only have 4 people in our town and we know each other irl.

So if you could insane J, I would like back the following items:

1 block of copper ingots, and 1 block of bismuth bronze ingots

1 crucible.

Thank you for your time InsaneJ.

7th April 2014, 21:31
Couldn't be a mod because they cant interact with the blocks in other peoples towns. That would leave sverf, pern, J, and myself. If we wanted we could just /gamemode what we wanted in and griefing is out of character otherwise we would never have these positions.

I'll reimburse your items. ;)