View Full Version : Marble Palace in Sherton

28th April 2014, 11:27
New Marble Palace has been built is Sherton. Everyone's welcome!

/t spawn Sherton


29th April 2014, 11:42
This really deserves more attention. Everybody go check out his build :)

29th April 2014, 22:50
Really nice piece of work!

9th May 2014, 17:10
Thanks for your comments!

Now Sherton is the capital of Imperial nation and we're looking for new towns to join us.
We've got capital hall and big national warehouse where every member of nation can store their extra supplies and take anything they need. Mostly it's stone, wood, sapling and seeds.

And every town of our nation can ask me to build an imperial monument (it takes 2x2 plot) in their town. Just choose the place and write to me in game when I'm on.

9th May 2014, 18:43
Be sure to cross-post this on the TerraFirmaCraft forums as well so you'll get more exposure :)