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28th April 2014, 20:18
Yesterday, I was moving my things to the new IronHills town from the older one, but I had to disconnect while I was almost finished and I was carrying the most impostant things in my inventory. When I came back today, I took them to my place and placed the larger blocks on the floor to empty up my inventory. But when I logged back a few minutes ago, there had been a rollback, and the blocks I had placed on the floor and the last ones I had put in the chests were gone. I don't know if this is allowed, but I lost very expensive stuff, and I'd want, at least the most irreplaceable blocks, back.

The main things I lost were, approximately:

-A bronze anvil
-5 Bellows
-A crucible
-2 stacks of tatch blocks
-30x charcoal

Please, mods, help me out, most of the advances I had made in the last week are gone, I'm almost back to the stone age.

28th April 2014, 20:52
1. Did you first claim the plot you placed your stuff in as a town?

2. Do you have the coordinates where this happened?

28th April 2014, 22:01
The plot, I believe, was inside the town "IronHills". It's an underground chamber bewteen coordinates (17602, 159, -870) and (17604, 157, -882).

28th April 2014, 22:06
The plot, I believe, was inside the town "IronHills". It's an underground chamber bewteen coordinates (17602, 159, -870) and (17604, 157, -882).

NOTE: I made another reply, but i just noticed I replied the thread, not your post :p

28th April 2014, 22:18
You don't have to quote me if your reply is right below mine. In that case it's obvious you are replying to me :B

Anyway, for now you can use /prism i to see what happend to you things. And perhaps Katt, Roadie or Pernix could take a look as well?

30th April 2014, 07:28
There was no roll-back, at least not one that was noted by any of the admins capable of rolling back the server, nor any apparent theft, at least I saw none from the logs in that area.

However, I only see that there was only two crucibles placed, and one of them is still sitting there.
The bellows I didn't see a trace of them ever being placed down, at least not in the area of the reported coordinates, however I'll replace them anyways. Unless it changed, they don't fit in chests.
As for the other missing items, I saw no evidence of the anvil either, and I don't quite know how to see the change logs of chests. So J will have to slap me around with a ban hammer till I learn all the tools and how to use them.
Since I can confirm that the items weren't stolen and something did hiccup to cause the items to be lost, I will replace them.

30th April 2014, 16:36
Well, the problem's solved and I have cookies, there isn't really anything more I can ask for, my dear cat.