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2nd May 2014, 23:27
I am looking for an admin to help me, as I am part of countrybuilder1's town (Bioxxville) and I deleted an outpost, (which happened to be our food storage), since, for me at least, the teleport to it was oddly corrupted by a weird bug related to teleporting in TFC servers.0 What happens is that, upon teleporting to one of these "corrupted" teleports, I instantly get, "Internal server error," and get kicked out of the server. The server then repeatedly kicks me out for roughly 10 minutes, each time I try to get into the server, it gives me the same "Internal server error." Anyway, when I unclaimed the outpost, and meant to reclaim it, I made a common typo with outpost claiming commands (for me, at least) and typed /t outpost claim, which took me to another outpost. I was hoping that, when countrybuilder1, or a few other players who have the co-ordinates to the food storage would tell an admin the co-ordinates to the food storage, and a town member could be sent to reclaim it. I am requesting this since our foo storage is a very, very, far distance from our town and it wouldn't be feasible to get back to the storage in any reasonable time.

3rd May 2014, 04:41
Why did you delete the outpost?
Would you happen to have coordinates, that would help.

3rd May 2014, 20:09
Without coordinates I'm afraid we can't help you. If you don't know the coordinates, perhaps you can find them on Dynmap (http://tfc.happydiggers.net/)?

Also Towny has nothing to do with the internal server errors you were getting, that's all TFC. So next time something like this happens, don't delete your outpost/town/nation/etc. Please report any TFC bugs you may find, along with your Forge Mod Loader log file, to the TFC devs so they can work on a fix.