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16th May 2014, 18:55
This was a mess. A big mess.

For the last four days I've been working on the TFC server to get a red steel anvil and enter the last metal age. All my free time, which is a lot, was dedicated only to making the red steel. Today was the day I would assemble it all, but I mess up bad. I was working with the weak red steel I had in one of my two forges and welding it with black steel to get finished red steel. 5 weak ingots were resting in the other forge. A friend of mine came by, said hello, and pushed a bellow to call my attention, and I answered him briefly. When I went back to the other forge to work the rest of the ingots, they were gone. When my friend had pushed the bellow, they had reached melting point without there being any moulds in the forge. They were lost.

I know it wasn't a technical issue, but I got my last four days ruined in a second. I seriously doubt this will change anything, but if something other than starting again can be done... well...

Thanks anyways:


16th May 2014, 20:53

17th May 2014, 09:12
Well, That's a strong case for Freud.... :P
no seriously... I think if you have a proof of that(like if you show that you were able to make them, like showing the mines or some remaining ingots,) I think it would be ok to give that back to you(since in reality you just would have got to look into the ashes to take the metal back)

17th May 2014, 09:33
Not sure if this is the right section for this. This section is if someone is giving you a problem and you want them to be banned. Something like this might be more appropriate for the TFC section or the Server Issues section. Either way, I hope they can help you. I would be a bit upset if that happened to me.

17th May 2014, 09:43
I have moved this thread to the 'Server Issues' section,
about your ingots, I will try and give you some.

17th May 2014, 14:07
Replaced your ingots for you. They're in the chest where you keep your incomplete ingots.

17th May 2014, 18:14
YES! Thank you so much!