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17th May 2014, 19:02
Yes, I am a whiny bitch, but red steel has some kind of dark magic infused into it... (probably the black steel).

I must have been the most active (and, things be said, annoying) person in the forums these days, and here I am, defending my throne.

Today, I was FINALLY forging the red steel anvil (see my last post...) and to heat the ingots, I melted them in a crucible. After doing this, I realized that when I opened my inventory, an ingot flicked in and out of existance in one of the slots, but I thought it was a visual bug. I placed coal in that slot to see what would happen, and the flickering stopped; the ingot was not there, indeed, so I continued casting the ingots again into a hot, solid form. When I was casting the last couple, I noticed there was only one liquid ingot left. I guess that the buggy one was, in fact, a real ingot that was lagging. Now i'm one buggy ingot away from the anvil I've been slaving away for, and that is a VERY frustrating situation.

My question is: Is there any way I can prove the ingot was lagging to get it back?

As always, thanks in advance from your whiny (w)itch:


19th May 2014, 18:59
Ugh, It's been two days and I can't do anything without the anvil, anyone, please?

19th May 2014, 19:36
I haven't seen you on the server when I as on so I have no idea where to teleport to in order to replace things.

I could look up which town you belong to, and then figure out where you were working. And then maybe if I'm lucky there's a chest or tool rack or something I can use to put stuff in or on. How much time do you want us to spend on this problem? And do we get paid by the hour? :)

First rule in asking for support: give as much information as you can and try to help them help you.
Town name, location where things went wrong, when things went wrong exactly, who did what, etc.

In this case the only thing missing is a location.

19th May 2014, 22:23
Town: Ironhills.
House: Large house with a blast furnace SE from spawn
Location: between the two forges.

That's as accurately as I can describe the location, sorry for not including this in my former post, the payment will be 2 fishes an hour, to be split into you and KodeKatt. victhree out.

20th May 2014, 20:31
If you haven't done it J ill get it in 10 mins.

20th May 2014, 22:52
Hint: press F3 in game and note down the x y z coordinates next time :)

21st May 2014, 17:14
If you haven't done it J ill get it in 10 mins.

I haven't done anything yet, I would have reported it here. So did you replace anything?
In case you haven't, I put a red steel anvil right here:

Hope that compensates the horrible response time on this issue a bit ;)

21st May 2014, 20:20
bah forgot to save on my post edit, yeah I got his. Guess ya got a early B-day present. ;)