View Full Version : Wondering why I am still banned

27th May 2014, 14:55
I was banned so i logged on to my friend's account so that I could figure out the reason that I was banned. while i was logged on, I spoke with an admin (Pernix_8D) about it via in game messaging (/msg) about it and he came to the conclusion that my ban was a mistake, and assured me that he would speak with a higher authority on the matter, and I am wondering why I am still not unbanned yet. Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thanks.

27th May 2014, 18:07
What's your IGN?

28th May 2014, 08:50
I thought I had unbanned you. Apparently not though. :l

Sorry about that. You're no longer banned.

30th May 2014, 15:11
It still says I am banned
my ign is "honeydewisbmb"

31st May 2014, 03:08
Stupid command didn't work, not this time or yesterday. I've just straight up deleted your name from the ban list. Should be able to come online now. Sorry about the troubles ^.^