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2nd June 2014, 20:26
A: Financial district:

Citadel's spawn outpost, the financial district, has several shops and services. These are:
-The Basalt Bazaar, A shop selling commonly-needed items at cheap prices, including Graph and Kao, Seeds, and Jute, as well as expensive items such as Anvils!
-Citadel, umm, well, Is epic.
-Sovereign is making a new HQ. It shall be 50x50, and the reason I am posting this is because it can be a place for me, alagorak and joethemonk to discuss the construction of this behemoth, assuming they have forum accounts. Anyway, I was thinking that the dome on top of the building should be covered in gold! To do this, we would need a lot of gold, but KittenPuncher1 is more than happy to supply us... for nickel. But I got that. Also I am not sure that the many bloomeries, and 5 blast furnaces would be allowed. We should have a separate office for each town representing what there base is mode of, for example, alagor's would have basalt and kapok. Any thoughts?

Lastly I would like to add that willmann stole from me and I did make a ticket, but I will need a refund and this is just a little thing to speed up the time.

And welcome to the forums, me!

2nd June 2014, 20:36
Ill check your ticket in 10.

3rd June 2014, 11:13
I like the idea of you setting up a trade station at spawn. However please keep things confined to a single plot. Each town may only claim 1 plot around spawn.