View Full Version : a request for more staff

2nd June 2014, 23:43
i have been playing the tfc server for a dew weeks it i have only seen 1 staff member on we have had a few problems with people on the server so may i make a formal request for more staff members. if necessary i will make the attempt to put in a staff application

3rd June 2014, 09:04
We have plenty of staff. It's just that some of them are too lazy or unable to do their jobs :p

That's why players can open tickets and post problems on the forum. Tickets are usually resolved in a day or so because of the awesome staff members that do frequent the server.

It's really hard finding dependable people that want to donate their time towards moderating a busy server. You are not one of them since you made me several promises which you didn't keep, so I'm not considering you for a staff position any time soon.

3rd June 2014, 09:04
I'm on the TFC server every night, I go through all the tickets.
Personally, I haven't seen anybody worthy of a staff position yet.
I think that the current staff team is fine.

One more thing, I'm not sure what time you go on, but I see Pernix, J, Marius and I on the servers regularly

3rd June 2014, 14:45
Ive been really busy the last three weeks, I had my end of year exams and have no time to play minecraft! Soz :P