View Full Version : Can we get a restart?

4th June 2014, 00:54
The Mojang legacy sessions server had some downtime resulting in the current keyset for authentication not being valid and as such no one can get back on.

You should also restart all of the servers running < (1.7?) as they all use the legacy sessions.


4th June 2014, 00:58
Looks resolved. Thanks anyways!

9th June 2014, 10:07
We need help, the server crashed. After the restart, towny gives an error, enter the Safe Mode and don't let you move at all.
Thank you.

9th June 2014, 12:21
It wasn't a matter of restarting the server, we've passed that point :)

The Towny database got corrupted. I had to manually remove some towns that no longer had a mayor or residents. Also the town of Castle_Virrant had to be removed since I wasn't able to find it's spawn point. The mayor of that town will have to re-create the town and reclaim it's plots.