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10th June 2014, 04:02
The server keeps on crashing. This one player, navjot_99, was predicting(with extreme accuracy) and bragging about the crashes. His other friend, ethan19981998 also seems to be a cause in some way, although I'm not sure if it's intentional.

Screencaps of predictions and bragging(two courtesy of a friend also on the server):

My other friend, Ender_Assassin21 didn't catch a screencap of his confession, but did catch some of the chat after that:

EDIT: Screencapped confession from a few moments ago: http://tinypic.com/1r546kx1

10th June 2014, 05:56
Just happened again. Didn't see anybody named navjot, but as soon as the ethan guy joined in server crashed

10th June 2014, 05:59
I am also confirming this, I've experienced it twice already myself. It's obvious this is on purpose.

10th June 2014, 06:29
Ok I'm the friend of Cpt_luca and once again the server crashed! Navot and ethan have already admitted to purposely crashing the server. Please do something about it. Its pretty annoying to not be able to even play 2 minutes on the server because they keep on crashing the server. Thanks


10th June 2014, 10:32
Looks like that ethe fellow (not the moderator) is in a corrupted chunk. As soon as he joins that causes the server to crash. navjot_99 seems to know when he joins so I'm guessing they're in contact with each other.

navjot_99 has been banned for being an asshole.

10th June 2014, 10:46

10th June 2014, 14:08
On an unrelated note cpt_luca, I just wanted to say that with a cheerful, go-getter expression like that you'll be going places in this company. Upper level management better watch out! Seriously, love it.

10th June 2014, 20:08
navjot_99 has been banned for being a(n) *stinky well*
This is right but... J,... never thaught you wouldn't use a nice suptility (as usual (in my knowlege))to describe his behavior ;)
but I still wonder how people can play minecraft without being able to read... (the rule signs for instance)

19th June 2014, 12:58
oh gosh, you flatter me, really

do it again <3