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27th June 2014, 14:32
I went to terrafarm to to get to a relatively untouched place to mine, i was greeted by a death trap spawn point in his wall. I have made a ticket and the spawn has been fixed however i was informed that tho i did not die of my own doing, that (as though unfairly losing my levels again wasn't bad enough) NONE of my things would be reimbursed. :(
after i stated in the chat that this place is a death trap someone else spawned there :confused: and died (don't remember name) and has probably been there keeping it loaded thus despawning both of our things. so this is how i lost my new red steel boots, new red pick, and new red and blue buckets. i had much more on me of course but i don't think i need to state just how hard it is to make red and blue steel.

so in conclusion my question is:
is this true? that anyone can kill someone and they will lose the HOURS they have put into making those things? That NOTHING will be done to right this wrong?

27th June 2014, 15:05
The wrong will be righted. However, I didn't feel like guessing what you lost. I was waiting till you were online to reimburse you. If that didn't happen, I'd send a mail asking what you lost. Those tickets don't leave much space for explanation. Sorry about my lack of communication. :P

Also, if you could hop online now, that'd be awesome.

27th June 2014, 15:10
:D AWESOME! Thank you Pernix! i am on now.

27th June 2014, 15:29
I am sorry Pernix. you have always been very fair to me and i should have known better...

28th June 2014, 02:14
No, no. It's fine. ^.^

If anything, it was my fault for not sending you the message/mail as soon as I resolved the ticket.

28th June 2014, 14:30
I think it would be great to automate the process of reimbursement ir at least make it 100% fair: a inventory tracker that stores the inv when someone dies and deletes it after a week ( to not spam J's pc with useless stuff :) ) and you just have to activate a command and it checks if there is enough inventory space in the person to be reinbursed and if it is the case they get all items back like they were!

28th June 2014, 21:09
that would be wonderful!
if you can store the meta data too would be best so the player doesn't ,say, get a a brand new pick that was already half gone

29th June 2014, 01:09
I would actually get every single byte of metadata in the inventory section of the player.dat so it is compatible with any mod that uses any kind of metadata. Happy to see some people are pleased of the idea. Ill work on that. ;)

29th June 2014, 22:53
I just thaught about something better: since my idea is an awesome crap because of the uselessness because there is one BIIIIIIIIGGGGG exploit: you can get the item twice while telling them you didn't got anything back but in truth you got your 5 stacks of red steel so in total you have 10 stacks "you llittle cheater :)" so I think a better idea should exist and it actually does: is there a way to put charm of keeping "you keep your inv" if you die at the towns spawn chunk? If yes it seems to be the most usefull and practicable and fair and awesome and cool and warm and wet and .... Where am I going?... Nevermind! just telling it could be a good idea :P

30th June 2014, 02:53
I usually just /openinv anyone who says they didn't get something I just pelted at their face.

30th June 2014, 04:05
But then you wouldn't even need to pelt anything at their face if they don't lose anything
if you could keep levels too that would be magnificent. i have died more times at a towns spawn than in any other way. I can"t exactly go whining about it every time, can I? fredodquartier that would be game changing in my opinion, its sad i have to fear going to others town.

is there a was to enact the gamerule keepinventory for about 30sec after sending the command for town spawn?
but still have it set to false any other time?

30th June 2014, 14:00
actually that would not work since tfc is not compatible with many bukkit methods, but what i coud do is modify the town plugin to enable nbt edition so it can reset the player.dat in the case someone dies in the 9 town spawn chunks and cancel all drops. so Ill try doing that, or maybe better: a plugin addon