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30th June 2014, 22:18
A made a bloomery on the tfc server and i placed it but i didn't have bricks but i had smooth stone so i changed it but now my bloomery is gone, can someone please help me because i spent a lot of time on making it.

30th June 2014, 23:13
Well you can make the bloomery work with smooth stone, but if the structure was incomplete it would simply drop the bloomery hatch into item mode. If you had a hole underneath the chimney or any pocket it may have escaped into there.

1st July 2014, 00:05
No i checked everywhere around it but it just disapeared

1st July 2014, 16:01
Nice i got it back in a chest. thanks for the help

2nd July 2014, 05:18
similar thing happened to me... t went to the side of bloomery and broke the bricks to get the bloom out and when i went to the front again it was gone... didnt drop or anything... just disappeared

10th July 2014, 10:13
Never break your bloomery down in a way that the bloomery block pops off. When you break your structure down in a way that it no longer recognizes the structure as a bloomery structure, the bloomery block will pop off and has a chance to glitch out while doing so. I had it happen twice to me on a different server.

The solution to this is making your bloomery structure in a way that you can always access the bloom without having to break blocks around your bloomery and causing it to pop off. This can be done by breaking 2 blocks vertically in the back of the bloomery in either corner, so you can access the bloom from there.

20th July 2014, 10:18
What Metamorfos said :)

As a rule: never ever change your Bloomery. Plan it carefully, build it, then leave it alone forever.