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8th July 2014, 20:53
Recently I've had some issues with my town cows and such so I went to an old outpost I had with some cows in it. When I went to go milk my cows, they were all male. I clearly, for a fact, know that I had 4 females and 3 male cows in the pen. Now there are 7 males, so I immediately pulled up prism and started checking around. I found many logs of Awesomeblock2000 leashing my cows and picking up raw beef/bones. I also found a log of him using wood planks which I assume was his means of potentially moving some cows. The reason I think he was moving them is that literally 3-4 chunks north of my outpost claim, he has an outpost claim with around a dozen female cows entrapped. The timing of him creating his fenced in outpost is the same timing as when prism logged him in my fencing area. It seemed way too coincidental. Seeing as there are several more males in the pen than I had previously, I also believe he moved the male cows into the pen. One of the males is still maturing as well, which led me to that conclusion.


8th July 2014, 21:13
Thanks for taking the time to report this issue. It does raise a few questions.

Why would anyone want to go through the trouble of replacing cows? As far as I know, it's a real pain to move mobs. It makes no sense to me. Stealing cows I can understand, but replacing them? Then again, I don't play TFC so maybe I'm missing something :)

If it's your outpost, how did outsiders get in?

Your screenshots show 22 day old data. Are you reporting a 3 week old incident?

Your screenshots show he used his fence 22d20h40m ago. Yet in your outpost he was doing things 2 hours after that. Why do you think that is?

Sorry for all the questions, you're not on trial or anything :) This just seems a bit odd to me.

8th July 2014, 21:26
The other fence gate has a 19 day log mark. Like I had mentioned the cows in my town had some issues of their own, so I went back to an old outpost I had only to discover this predicament. As for the replacement of cows, I had no idea, I only speculated based on the loss of females, and the gaining of males, one of which wasn't fully matured. The outpost itself is only 1 chunk large, and the fence borders the sides. From the positioning of the block use logs he could easily hop the fence. I realize that the incident is a bit older, but it just means I hadn't noticed/caught it when it occurred. There are many towns with outposts around that people seldom visit, but the rules are explicit in regards to griefing and stealing. I'm not out to get this guy or anything, I would just like my females back.

Edit* 19 days

21st July 2014, 11:43
This request has been resolved. Thank you for your time.

8th September 2014, 09:53
Jiro_89, could you please tell, what did really happened there? And how did you resolve this?

8th September 2014, 11:07
This is 2 months old. Although, If the staff member wishes to share the ban reason, he is free to do so.

Im going to lock this thread, as a ban queries are not for this thread. Jiro may PM you, or reply below (I think they have permission)

8th September 2014, 18:04
Jiro_89, could you please tell, what did really happened there? And how did you resolve this?

As Ethe said this is an old post and occured before I became a moderator. It's a non-issue anymore. The request I made concerning my lost cows was rectified by Pernix. I've since learned the method the cows were removed and the appropriate action has been taken to allow prism to log the specific event type in case it happens to someone else. Administration chose not to ban the accused player at the time which I fully support as I only requested my cows in return and at the time evidence was a bit scarce.

In the future please don't re-open resolved ban/unban threads. If you have a questions or concerns feel free to pm me on the forums or in game.