View Full Version : Reporting a theft.

10th July 2014, 21:00
So i log onto minecraft today (about 11 am PST) and join the TFC server. i go to the second story of my house to find that all of my black bronze tools (except for my saw, pickaxe, and mace) were missing from the tool racks.
My suspicion immediately fell on a relatively inactive player in my town (who became mayor when i was banned) but i didn't have too much proof. So i go to the third story of my house and into my welding area, and find that my Black Bronze anvil is missing.
So, i use prism to find who broke the anvil. It seems that the evidence speaks for itself.
That small space was where my anvil used to be. In its place was a copper anvil that i had made a while ago. I broke the copper one myself. I looked through various containers throughout the house to see if there was anything else he had stolen. And sure enough, he stole all of my bismuthinite.
Most of the other chests had signs on them, so they were fine. But then i looked at his chest...
It seemed like he was taking his valuables (and mine) and running off. This was confirmed when i type /t, and he is no longer part of the town (someone else is automatically mayor) However, the only thing that puzzles me still is that when i look at the history on my tool racks, nothing appears.
However, i still believe this is sufficient evidence to get JurassicJaws banned for theft. If possible, i would like to get the items he stole back.

10th July 2014, 21:30
I shall take a look shortly.