View Full Version : skelly killed tfc

13th July 2014, 17:28
i had killed a regular :skeleton: (not a javelin one if that matters)
and as soon and it died i crashed, screen says internal server error and console says:
[11:13:26 INFO]: Client> 2014-07-13 11:13:26 [INFO] [STDOUT] PacketHandler error in Packet Type: 0, -19222, 150, 6830

now i cant log back in :(

(i was also at level 22! i swear! thats why i was killing the skellys)


13th July 2014, 19:02
ok i managed to type /spawn b4 i crashed
then i killed another one...
same thing

im good now and other server members say they have killed them and they are fine.

i didn't even kill them this time! they jut shot at me :(
same problem

i managed to get back in again.. kinda spamed the chat with me leaving and joining but i think everyone forgave me :)

20th July 2014, 10:16
You may submit a crash-report here or on the TFC forum. Although development for the current build of TFC has been halted. They will only fix very serious issues for it now.

Have you tried installing OptiFine? It's like a miracle drug for TFC ;)