View Full Version : My home was greifed

16th July 2014, 18:25
Today i lost many ingots and my tools on the rack. i have picture evidence of adam0088 mining into my house and taking things, he also admitted to it and i have picture evidence of that. his friend charli_e0000 was with him and i also have evidence of him taking items from my house. I don't want to be reimbursed or anything because i am going to start over even farther away from the spawn. I just thought whoever is in charge here should know that these people need to be kept out of the server because they just want to greif. The screenshots are too big for me to upload, so i have compressed them and attached them to this post.

20th July 2014, 10:25
Thank you for taking the time to report this. Next time please refrain from telling people to fuck off or you will be on the receiving end of a ban.

adam0088 has been banned for griefing, stealing and being a jerk to other players.