View Full Version : Agent5821 Griefed My Town

3rd August 2014, 02:49
This greif happened 10 days ago.
Check ticket 414
/t spawn middlesbrough
The greifed stuff is in basalt

Agent8521 was a former town member, he left the town and took our stuff with him. I would like to get the following list of items that he stole returned to me.

1 steel anvil (with 1 steel hammer)
1 bloomery
5 crucibles (1 from blast furnace)
6 bellows (4 from crucibles 2 from blast furnace)
5 coal blocks to make a forge (4 from crucibles 1 from blast furnace)
1 blast furnace (5 layer blast furnace covered in wrought iron with 1 crucible, 2 bellows, and 1 forge beneath the crucible.
18 item racks filled with tools (i cannot remember the tools but i remember having quite a few)
1 large chest (filled with 32 molds, and a few stacks of coal and charcoal

The staff was great and replaced everything except for a stack of ceramic molds which I'm sure they'll fix momentarily.