View Full Version : Crashing on login... possible chunk error?

7th August 2014, 20:06
So, every time I try and log in, my client crashes. I have around 2 seconds before it closes completely, and I have to run it again.
This problem happened when I was helping a guy out with his charcoal pit, and I tped to his town.
I crashed instantly, and every time I tried to relog I crashed.
He seemed to be able to walk around his town fine, though, so I have no idea what would be causing this.
Would it be possible for someone to change my .dat co-ords to that of spawn? Idk of any other way to solve the problem, other than resetting the chunk. And I am sure the owner wouldn't be happy about that xD

Thanks for the help, any advice would be appreciated.

7th August 2014, 20:09
You're likely being crashed by a bugged banana tree. It's a common occurrence and is easily fixed by downloading Optifine HD for 1.6.4

7th August 2014, 20:25
...bugged banana tree...

Gosh darned bananas. Imma download Optifine then, thanks for the help :3