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8th August 2014, 00:16
This incedent was done a little before 3:26 pm california time I've been on the server for at least a year and I have black steel so understand my frustration when I hop onto the server and I have mail I read the mail and it's from jiro saying "you have been warned for your previous stealing acusation" then I asked him why the heck i was warned and how it was completely valid and already dealt with and I got banned. I can assure you that my previous stealing acusation against agent8521 was entirely legit and he stole more than a entire blast furnace. I also used prism to check that it was him who broke it so I would like to be unbanned because the acusation was entirely fairly and was dealt with quite a while ago. The following thread is my "false acusation"

8th August 2014, 00:34
You replied "what the fuck", "why am i getting a warning"

Cursing to staff alone is a bannable offense. You were warned with the support of the administration.

8th August 2014, 00:35
Dude, I have freaking black steel and i've played on the server for like a year and you're going to provoke me into breaking a rule and warn me for swearing at a staff who I'm sure is more than mature enough to deal with swearing? What did I even do that made you give me the first warning?

8th August 2014, 00:41
Seriously I want to know how my "accusation" was false. If you're going to ban me at least tell me why you provoked me into "offending" you.

8th August 2014, 00:45
You were arguing with staff about tickets that had already been answered by staff. This led me to search your history and I found this http://happydiggers.net/showthread.php?1478-Lautus. Under advisement of administration I gave you a warning. You logged on and immediately cursed at me. Level of maturity is not a factor here. The simple fact is you were given a warning and you broke the rules. I did not "provoke" you into doing anything, that was entirely your decision.

8th August 2014, 00:46
I saw jiro_89 viewing the following thread
This issue was dealt with a very long time ago and what happened was to recap me and ender spent all afternoon building crap and all that and we decided to leave robochickens town so we ended up taking back the stuff we made. As it turns out we may have taken a few tools that we didn't make so we returned those back under the supervision of the staff and then we continued to create our town. Again this was dealth with a LONG time ago and was looked over more than once and the staff agreed with our innocence so you are banning me for something i was already proven innocent in.

8th August 2014, 00:47
Furthermore the argueing with the tickets was ender_assassin21 left the server and I was the only active one in the faction so I created a ticket to make me mayor and I got responce like "too bad you can't prove anything" so I created a new ticket or two saying "in responce to ticket X" and I still don't understand why the staff didn't make me mayor of the town.

8th August 2014, 00:48
This issue was dealt with a very long time ago and was dealt with fairly and you are being very unreasonable to warn me for soemthing I was proven innocent for more than once!

8th August 2014, 00:51
Furthermore it was provoked you don't give somone a warning without the slightest bit of evidence. That's like going up to somone and swearing at them for no reason and if they get offended you beat them up. It's ridiculous!

8th August 2014, 00:51
Proof that the issue was dealt with is that ethe commented "i'll deal with this as soon as I get back" This post was made in 2013 which was a year ago.

8th August 2014, 00:53
The amount of time that has passed sence this innocdence was how long it took me to get from a stone anvil to a black steel anvil and a full blast furnace!

8th August 2014, 01:22
Hold up. Firstly, you don't insult staff members. They have that position as we believed they could make mature decisions.
You got a warning, based on allegations of you stealing from robochicken11. As you said 'This was already delt with'. Yes it was dealt with, I came to the conclusion that I would put you on a warning. Me being me, I completely forgot to add your name to the warning list.

Jiro, came across that thread, and asked me about it. He also said that he couldn't find your name on the warned list. I informed him that he was warned, and he informed you.

In which you replied, breaking 2 rules in that message.

That was your last warning. Leading to a ban.

This is ban is fully justified. With sufficient evidence.

8th August 2014, 01:28
It's my time to leave the server I geuss then, thank you for the fun I had while I was on it.

8th August 2014, 12:05
What I find ridiculous in all in these kinds of situations is that people, not just you lautus, get themselves banned for using strong language.

It should be so incredibly simply not to get banned for this if you just keep your mouth shut for a second, think about what you are going to say and then politely make your argument.

I have zero sympathy for people getting banned because of this. But I think it's a sad state of affairs nonetheless that people's first reaction is often to use that kind of language. There is no need to do that and it shows a fundamental disrespect for your fellow players and staff.

Also, I have edited this thread's title because the ban was fair and justified.