View Full Version : Abandoned towns and stuff vs. not stealing rule - please elaborate.

30th August 2014, 17:23
I'm new to multiplayer, towny, society and all this stuff. So want to enjoy it, but am afraid to make mistakes and be banned.

So I was told that the Dont Steal rule refers also to the abandoned towns and I guess all unclaimed artifical stuff. I'm confused, please help me to increase my understanding, i tried to formulate some questions below.

I would like to know not only staff's opinions, which are like laws, but opinions from ordinary people, what they consider fine, and what - not.

1. What about various ugly ruins scattered on the surface? Like a wooden rectangle, or a straw-block-ladder to mountain top, etc. Strictly no destroying without asking owner (known by prism)? What if the owner logs in only when I'm out or doesnt come anymore? I could ask mods, but I wouldnt like bothering them with all these minor stuff.

2. What about warm jokes/surprises for people? E.g. making a long journey to a beautiful closed town, seeing it all, and leaving a nice note close to it's borders with a small present. Nothing big, nothing hard to demolish. Forbidden? Yes, it's unclaimed, but I'm like preventing them to expand to this block etc ...

3. What about restoring unclaimed stuff, like lighting a bridge spawn->llamafarm or the Great Railroad Trafalgar-Horseridge? Actually, the railroad is griefed a little in the middle, as I understand - rails stolen. Can't fix that yet. And never seen these town owners online yet :( Or just dont know them yet by dynamap.

4. Should I, not owner, try to investigate who stole that spawn-llamafarm bridge lighting and report all of them?
Will it improve server's spirit or it is a waste of time?

5. What if I see an unfinished build, unclaimed, like a road, and want to continue it a bit, or like anonimousely collaborate? Surely I will ask the owner, but if he/she is out all the time?

Thank you in advance, I hope my questions are not very dumb :)

30th August 2014, 20:53
The rules are explicit in regards to griefing and theft. The best strategy for following the rules is to simply not touch things that don't belong to you. Doing otherwise, while seeming innocent, can place you on the guilty side if charges were ever made against you.

If the area is unclaimed and obviously a wild environment then feel free to make what you like in it. In regards to restoration it's best to use the "don't touch things that don't belong to you" philosophy. I happen to know Commiellama2 of Llamafarm visits the server quite often so it shouldn't be that big of a deal to simply ask if it was okay to spruce up their bridge.

2nd September 2014, 20:25
Thank you for the explanation, I have all my questions covered and I really like this philosophy.

8th September 2014, 11:06
Sorry to take your time again, I got another question, could you please clarify?

I would like to plant some trees around main spawn, thin small forests, about 3 chunks far from the first "town representatives" chunk circle, and where it's not close to buildings. Probably trying to represent trees which are in the wild in that direction.
And probably I would like to make similar stuff at all four cardinal direction spawns. Not soon, very slowly, getting surplus saplings from my tree farm.

The reason - to help newcomers a bit, and to resurrect ravaged land a bit. And I like such projects. And trees.

Theoretically I'm not breaking rules - it's wild and unclaimed land.
But! Making my "structures" there could prevent other players from building ... I don't want that.
So either I will have to put a permission sign on each tree :( , or just hope people will never bother checking if the trees are artificial and will have no problem chopping them.

Waiting for opinions of ordinary happy diggers and for decisions of staff. Thank you in advance for your time.

8th September 2014, 11:19
Don't worry about asking questions. You take the time to formulate them on the forum, we'll take the time to answer.

If you wish to help out the community by replanting trees, that's awesome :)

So yes, go for it. However try to make sure it's not artificial like a tree farm. Just so there can be no confusion.

In the past we banned someone for taking apart someone else's sugar cane farm that may have been abandoned but might not have been. It was obviously an artificial plantation that got grieved that's for sure.

So as long as you plant the trees at semi-random there won't be any confusion.

8th September 2014, 12:15
Uff, I'm so relieved! Thank you!
Semi-random, no torches - got it!