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6th September 2014, 12:52
Server IP: mc.happydiggers.net

The server currently runs Minecraft version 1.7.10. Although you may also join the server using Minecraft 1.8 we currently recommend that you use 1.7.10.

This server has the following worlds:

Spawn. Custom generated world with floating islands in various biomes including all-ice islands and mushrooms.
Earth Bound. Custom world generator which makes the landscape more smooth. This world has server owned shps.
Skyblock. Start your own survival island which challenges you to make due with limited resources.
SmallWorld. Vanilla-like experience. Has a whitelist, apply for it here (http://happydiggers.net/showthread.php?1404-SmallWorld-whitelist-application).
Creative. Offers players various plots to build on using Creative mode.
Nether. Regular nether to do nether-things in.

Towny works in the followng worlds:

Spawn, Earth Bound, Nether.
Nowhere else.

Inventories are shared between the following worlds:

Spawn, Earth Bound and Nether
Skyblock and nothing else.
SmallWorld and nothing else.
Creative and nothing else.

Jetpacks can be used in the following worlds:

Spawn, Earth Bound and Nether.
Nowhere else.
Creative world has creative mode flight.

The server is hosted on a 6-core Intel Xeon X5650 @ 3.33GHz with 12GB RAM.

Server intro:


Server commands:


Useful commands:

/towny prices (shows prices for creating towns)
/town new Town_Name (creates a new town called Town_Name)
/town add player (invites a player to join your town. Player may not be part of another town)
/town deposit amount (deposists the given amount of smilies in the town bank. This is needed to buy new plots)
Towny command reference: http://townycommands.happydiggers.net

/lockette help (use Lockette to lock all your chests, doors, furnaces, etc.)

/prism i (enables/disables the prism inspector)
/prism l r:5 p:player t:1d (looks up everything player did in a radius of 5 blocks for the past 1 day)
/prism help

/island create (starts a new Skyblock island in the Skyblock world)
/island home (teleports to your island)
/island spawn (teleports you to the Skyblock spawn area)
/island add (add a player to join you on your island)
/island help (Always use /island <command> even if the help doesn't show you this.)

/balance (shows how many smilies you have. Smilies are the currency on this server)
/pay player amount (pays player the given amount of smilies)

/plotme claim (claim a free plot you are standing in on the Creative world)
/plotme home (teleports you to your plot)
/plotme add player (add a player to join you on your plot)
/plotme clear (wipes your plot clean so you can start over again)

More info will be added later as needed. Suggestions are welcome :)