View Full Version : Suggestion for Nether Farm in Small World

7th September 2014, 18:57
The spawn rate of glowstone need to be increase because glowstone are more common than quart but in nether farm, they are even rarer.
and other one, Build a port where player can get off and on the boat easily. :)

7th September 2014, 19:21
I'm not sure about the port idea, doesn't seem to bother me one way or the other.

I've mined out the entirety of the nethermine at least 5 times now not counting times I just picked and chose spots. Each time I got pretty close to two stacks of glowstone and two stacks of netherquartz with some variance. I think that's a decent amount. It was enough to do things with, and enough to make me come back the next day :P

7th September 2014, 20:12
Because some people decided it was smart to seal off the part of nether mine and ruin the gameplay we had set up there, I've decided to deny block placement there altogether.

To compensate for the increased difficulty I have made several paths in the wall that lead to stairs or water columns so players can get back up again. Players can however place blocks right in front of the wall to block lava flows. Also I have sealed up the floor of the nether area so you don't have to worry about falling into the void. And two Blaze spawners have been removed.

I've doubled the valuables inside the nether area. Let me know if it's too much now.

8th September 2014, 01:09
Ok i went head and try to dig out the nether farm, but I can't break any block...

8th September 2014, 03:06
Ok i went head and try to dig out the nether farm, but I can't break any block...

Seems J made the nether mine on small world a little too hard ;)

8th September 2014, 08:28
J forgot to add another flag to the WorldEdit region so players could destroy blocks. Anyway, the flag has been added and you can now mine again. :)

8th September 2014, 09:58
Sorry about that :B